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Acne Laser Treatment

For some time now, laser treatment has been considered an effective method of reducing the scarring caused by acne. Several different types of laser treatment are available in the United States, but they all basically work by zapping the top layer of affected skin. This layer is removed and, ideally, replaced by the growth of younger, healthier skin which develops afterwards. The treatment therefore reduces the appearance of scars and rough, bumpy skin. Recently, laser treatments which claim to actually prevent or even cure acne have come on the market. These treatments work destroying the bacteria which cause acne, thereby eliminating spots and blackheads at their source.

Peeling Away Scars

Laser treatments which aim to reduce acne scars work by removing thin layers of the skin's surface. The type of device used to do this will depend on the type of laser treatment used. The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved several companies offering laser treatment for acne. If you want to find out more about them, a simple internet search for "acne laser treatment" will lead you to the right place.

These treatments will usually be carried out under anesthetic of some kind. The type of painkiller you need will depend on the type of treatment you are having; the size of the area to be treated; and the severity of your problem. For simple treatments you might need only a numbing cream applied to the skin. For others you might require an injection of local anesthetic. For serious treatments, you may even be put under general anesthetic. You will also be given protective glasses or some other device to shield your eyes. The laser device will then be directed at the affected area of skin. Procedures may last anywhere between a few minutes to half an hour. Recovery may take few days or several weeks, depending on the depth of the "peel" or the size of the treated area. You will probably experience some redness and swelling in that time and your skin will be sensitive to light. The new skin will begin to grow and you'll see an improvement in those acne-affected areas. It will be very important for you to avoid over-exposure to the sun from now on, and you should invest in a good quality, high-factor sunscreen. Laser treatments may need to be repeated several times before you see long-term results.

Preventing Acne

Laser treatments which seek to prevent acne may also need to be repeated in several sessions before their full effectiveness becomes apparent. These treatments also promote collagen growth which can help prevent scarring. Proponents of these treatments say that the laser prevents the recurrence of acne by burning away the follicle from which hair grows (spots sometimes form around hair follicles); burning away the sebaceous glands in the skin, which produce oils; and causing oxygen to build up inside the acne-causing bacteria, which kills the bacteria off. You may experience after-effects following these treatments similar to those of a laser "peel." Isolaz laser treatment is one laser therapy which claims to be completely painless and cause no significant after-effects.

Does Laser Treatment Work?

The jury is still out as to whether or not laser treatments really are an effective treatment for acne. The promoters of Isolaz therapy claim that 85 % of their patients see some improvement, but this figure includes patients who took the treatment to combat signs of aging and sun-damage, as well as acne. Medical research in the United States recently found that laser treatments did not have much impact on acne sufferers; however, these findings contradicted previous studies. The general consensus is that more research is required. If you are interested in laser treatment for acne, speak to your dermatologist for more information on which treatment is suitable for you and whether or not laser treatment is likely to work in your case.


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