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More than 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from allergies, and over 17 million Americans have asthma. It is the sixth most common chronic condition in the U.S. and the most common chronic condition among American children.  Learn more about various types of allergies here in our section devoted especially to allergies and find out what you can do to minimize your allergy risk and treat any allergies you may already suffer from.  

Causes Of Allergies

So, What Causes Allergies? Is there any way to get rid of allergy symptoms? Does the best kind of allergy relief come in a pill, or a shot?  Find out more about why some people develop allergies and about what you can do to lessen the occurence of allergies.  Did you know that some people are prone to allergies due to foods they were exposed to while in the womb or during their first years of life?  Find out more about when is the right time to introduce certain foods like eggs, nuts and berries to a child and understand more about the allergy controversy over waiting a year or waiting three years. 

Have you got questions about food allergies? Maybe you're wondering if you might have a wheat allergy, or if that stomach ache is actually the result of a milk allergy.  Learn more about who needs gluten free food or egg free food and find out why some people develop these allergies and others do not. 

If you, or someone you know, has a peanut allergy, or a shellfish allergy, chances are you already know what to avoid and what to do if you accidentally come into contact with something you’re allergic to, but it's always good to arm yourself with some extra knowledge.  Some food allergies can be very severe--like a peanut allergy, and cause a person's throat to swell up so much they can no longer breath.  Find out more about what to do if you or someone you love suffer from such severe and life threatening allergies.  

What about food allergies and children?  Is it better to hold off giving children certain foods for several years to prevent allergies or does this just make the incidences of allergies in children worse?  Learn more today.

Common Allergies

Got an itchy throat, watery eyes, stuffy nose and a rash? It might be cat or dog allergies, or a reaction to pollen. Before you try to hermetically seal your home, or kick fluffy or fido out, read up on hay fever and pet allergies.  Find out about the best medications for seasonal allergies and learn more about what you can do to minimize your common allergy symptoms.

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