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The Bald Truth

Baldness in women can be caused by many reasons at any age. Genetic predisposition, hormonal changes during but not restricted to pregnancy and menopause, lack of vitamins and nutrients, stress, hair coverings and tight hairdos, allergies to hair products can all  contribute to baldness in women.

What To Do If You're Balding?

The first thing to do if you think your hair is thinning, or if you discover a bald patch is not to panic. Consult with a dermatologist or hair specialist so that she can diagnose the problem. She will probably recommend you do a blood test to see that your iron and zinc levels are sufficient, and perhaps prescribe topical hormonal treatment. In rare cases, there are also hormonal injections that can be administered.

You can take an iron and/or zinc supplement on your own. Tell the pharmacist you want zinc for hair, as there are different types of zinc supplements. Make sure your hair gets enough direct light. If you live in a cold climate and wear hats a lot or cover your hair for religious reasons, try and find a secluded bright spot where you can sit in or sit by a window and bathe your hair in sunlight. There are nutrient filled hair masks that you can use to help thicken your hair. Making sure you eat a healthy diet rich in minerals and nutrients will also help. Other things you can do are massage your scalp, brush your hair daily to stimulate blood flow, and get a becoming haircut. Exercise and relaxation techniques will also help get the blood flowing to your scalp. Most types of baldness in women are caused by hormonal changes, and when hormones are stable again, the hair often grows back.

It May Not Be Permanent

Unlike balding in men, balding in women is often reversible and not permanent.  This is because most balding in women is caused by hormonal imbalances that can be correct--which then allows a woman's hair to grow back.  In the meantime, if you feel uncomfortable about being seen with less than flowing tresses, there are many attractive ways to look fashionable and cover your hair. Wigs, scarves and hats all camouflage the bald spots and look attractive and natural. But, try to stay calm and don't get too stressed as stress can affect the balance of your hormones which can then lead to further hair loss.



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