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Spring is here

Now that things are beginning to warm up, this could be the time to assess that workout - the one you've been bored with for some time now.  Often times, doing your fitness program indoors, while effective, can be boring - same sights, sounds, smells - and usually when the weather warms up, you don't want to be inside.

So, let's move it out, as the cowboys used to say.  Only, we're going to move it outdoors.  Why not take your fitness regime to a new level and try some outdoor activities to enhance and liven it up?  There are many activities which can be done outside, things that are not only wonderful for the body, but great for the mind as well.

It's been proven that the single greatest factor in lack of energy is tied directly to how we see ourselves.  Just being in nature, knowing we're part of the greater whole, breathing in fresh air and seeing buds on the trees can reinvigorate our minds and in turn, we'll move with a spring in our step.  Here are some ways to move your workout from inside to outside, and gain benefits in many areas of your life.

Take a hike...literally

Instead of doing cardio in the gym every day, take a hike one day in a hilly area.  The challenge of climbing will not only keep your heart rate up, but will also strengthen and build your legs.  Your posterior will benefit as well as the lunging movement of stepping up and then pulling your weight up will tighten those glutes.  Don't forget water!

Take your bike outside, or borrow one of the kids' bikes and go for a nice long ride.  Thrill to the feel of the wind on your face and enjoy the sense of freedom that comes along with it.  You may have to get yourself a bike if you don't already have one.

If you enjoyed ice skating during the winter, roller blading is a great spring and summer recreation.  It's so good for your cardio-vascular system and your legs!  Just be sure to wear protective gear out there on the streets.

Run, baby, run

This could be your year to learn to run.  There are many clinics through sports stores and recreation centers where you can learn the proper aspects and theories of running.  Women's groups abound, providing a great place to make friends and enjoy a challenging and rewarding sport.

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