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A chronic condition is a health condition that requires care and management for the entire life of the patient. A person can be born with a condition, or develop it over the course of their life.  Learn more about various health conditions that may be having an affect on your body and comfort and learn more about different types of conditions, why they occur and how to manage them.

Common Health Conditions

Primary Hyperthyroidism is a common condition, in which the thyroid, a gland that resides in the neck, over-produces certain hormones.  Learn more about the importance of treating this, and any thyroid condition and also find out some of the health effects that can occur due to hyper or hypo thryoidism.  For example, did you know that problems with your thyroid can cause you issues with your weight, your energy and sleep patterns and even your fertility?  Learn more today.

Hypertension is a chronic form of high blood pressure. It can be treated medicinally, but for those who prefer not to be chained to prescription medications for their lifetime, there are ways of Controlling Hypertension without Medicine.  Find out about medical and natural cures for hypertension and also find out the consequences of not getting your blood pressue under control---like the risk for a stroke.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), is a common condition that, while occasionally embarrassing, can be managed, allowing sufferers to live normal lives.  Irritalbe bowl syndrome can cause the sufferer great discomfort often making it difficult to eat.  The patient may also often suffer from gas and other stomach disorders. Get some tips for Coping with Irritable Bowel Syndrome here and learn more about how to ease many of the discomforts and pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome.  

More Health Problems

Most people know about high blood pressure and hypertension, but many do not know the difference between to two. Find out how to tell When is High Blood Pressure Hypertension? If you do suffer from hypertension and you prefer to find natural methods of dealing with it, learn about Controlling Hypertension Without Medication.

As we age, it’s natural to worry about developing certain diseases more common in the elderly. If you’re concerned, assess your risk and find out what you can do today, using our Risk Assessments for Coronary Heart Disease and Alzheimer's.

If you are worried about your heart health, and have been told to get an echocardiogram, get some female specific advice about EKG, and discover the Accuracy of Echocardiogram in Women.

When you have been diagnosed with a condition, and you’re looking into medical treatments and surgeries, you’ll want to get the best care possible, discover how to Find the Best Medical Treatment for you. If you are scheduled for surgery, you’re sure to find our Checklist for Surgical Admission invaluable for your preparation and recovery.

We don’t really think about the sexual health of children, but they have reproductive organs, whether they’re ready to use them or not. It’s important to take care of their reproductive health now, or there could be repercussions into adulthood, such as infertility. Find out about Sexual and Hormonal Conditions in Children.

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I am 46. I have a combination of health issues. I look completely normal to the outside world, except that I have great difficulty walking 99% of the time. (Other issues...not overweight...I am around 100 pounds, 5'3") Right now I feel really bad. My TSH came back 5.10 and my doctor told me it was high so I need to increase my thyroid medication. I am just wanting confirmation that I need it increased because that seems backwatds, plus I have been on same dosage for 26 years. My bloodwork also came back with low WBC, RBC, Hemaglobin, and Hemacrit, but my Basophils are high. Any ideas of cause...could it be allergies? Thank you.
12 years ago