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Could Diabetes Pills Be Right For You?

Researchers are hard at work trying to find better management techniques that might lead to better quality of life for those who live with diabetes. Medication may play a crucial role in your diabetes therapy regimen. But how do you know if insulin or other diabetes medications are appropriate for you? Whether or not you need medication will depend upon your specific symptoms, your levels of blood glucose, any complications you may be experiencing, as well as a host of other factors that you should talk about with your health care providers.

Lifestyle Changes

The first line of treatment for those with type 2 diabetes involves making lifestyle changes: planning meals, losing weight, and getting regular exercise. But when these measures fail to bring your blood glucose levels to near normal range, it's time to take a look at medication.

Keep in mind that pills are only suitable for those with type 2 diabetes. The effectiveness of the pills is boosted when they are used in tandem with exercise and proper meal planning. The aim is to use a combination of therapies to lower your blood glucose levels.

On the other hand, the medications may not work for you. While many people will find the medications do lower their blood glucose levels, for some people, the levels still will not approach normal range. For others, the pills may work for a few months or even years, and then stop working. 

Good Chance

Researchers have discovered that those who have suffered from diabetes for longer than a decade or are already taking more than 20 units of insulin every day will not receive much benefit from oral medication for diabetes. But if you've only just developed diabetes or haven't used much insulin (or none at all) to control blood sugar, there is a good chance oral medication can help you.

In those who find that diabetes pills bring their blood glucose levels close to the normal range, there may still arise a need for taking insulin, such as in the case of a serious infection or if you need surgery. The pills may not be enough to do the trick if you are stressed and your blood glucose levels undergo a sudden elevation.

Another consideration is pregnancy. The pills aren't safe for pregnant women. If you want to become pregnant, you'll need to depend on diet, exercise, and insulin to control your blood glucose levels.

Best Pill?

There is no such thing as the best pill for type 2 diabetes. You may have to try several types to find which one works well for you. You may need a combination of oral medications, or you may need to use insulin in addition to the pills.

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