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Do you have diabetes or know someone who does? Then it's time to learn more about diabetes, its symptoms, how it affects pregnancy, and how to stay healthy. Learning the basics about diabetes is a good start, but getting the full scoop on the different types of diabetes is a great way to know even more.  Check out our sections devoted to indepth diabetes information and diabetes treatment options.

Common Forms Of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, for example, is marked by the body's inability to produce insulin, while type 2 diabetes is actually caused by the body's resistance to insulin. Previously it was thought that children were affected exclusively by type 1; however, poor dietary and lifestyle habits are leading thousands of children to acquire type 2.  Find out what you can do to keep your children from developing this adult form of diabetes.  Often, type 2 diabete can be reversed by losing excess weight and switching to a low carb, no sugar, healthy diet.  And of course you will need plenty of exercise.  Learn more how about how to reverse many of the effects of your type 2 diabetes and avoid having to take insulin on a daily basis.  

Diagnosing Diabetes And Treatments

While diabetes has a variety of symptoms associated with it, only a proper medical diagnosis will let you know for sure whether or not you actually have this disorder. Of course, treatment is available for diabetes, which will be required for the rest of your life. This will likely include some form of insulin therapy as well as other medications. Metformin/Glucophage is a great medication for pre-diabetics or women with PCOS who are insulin resistant.   If you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes then this should be a wake up call for you. 

Don't wait until you have diabetes.  Meet with a nutritionist and start eating a diabetic healthy diet today.  

Unfortunately, though, there is currently no cure for diabetes. Preventing the onset of diabetes or controlling your diabetic condition is the best you can do for this disease.


In addition to medications, there are a number of lifestyle changes that will be necessary, including following a diabetes diet. Though it may be difficult at first, following these changes will help you live a long and healthy life. It will also help you to avoid developing complications from diabetes like blindness or leg amputation due to poor blood circulation found in diabetics who do not control their condition.  These are very real possibilities for those who do not take their diabetes treatment seriously.  Learn more today about this condition and about what you can do to keep yourself healthy.

Though problems with insulin are a part of diabetes, not everyone with insulin resistance issues necessarily has diabetes, but left untreated it could result in fatal heart disease or stroke.  Learn more about what you can do to keep your diabetes in check.


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I was diagonsed as a diabetic early April of this year. I have been taking Metformin since then. In July microscopic blood was found in my urine and I was referred to a Urologist. I had a CT scan of the bladder & kidney. It showed 3 stones. Now I am scheduled this coming Wed. for a KUB xray. Do you think the medicine could be causing the bleeding. My urologist wanted to do a cystoscope and I refused. I am 64 years old.
13 years ago