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Our Largest Organ

Pop quiz...What's the largest organ of your body?  If you answered that question with "skin", kudos to you.  Most people don't realize that the skin of their bodies is actually an organ, but it is.  It breathes, has a specific function, sloughs and recreates.  Our skin is basically what holds us all together and yet it is often sorely neglected and underappreciated. 

We expose our skin to myriad conditions every day which have a negative effect upon it, causing anything from overexposure to dryness, rashes to abrasions.  One of the most common afflictions of the skin is a condition call "xerosis".  That's just a fancy name for ordinary dry skin.  While it isn't serious, it can often be uncomfortable and unpleasant.  Dry skin is the taking of moisture out of cells and leaving in its wake fine lines and wrinkles.  There are some very serious dry skin conditions which can result in disfiguration, however most people simply suffer from the garden variety dry skin condition.

Dry Skin

Most dry skin situations are the result of environmental factors which can be controlled - either totally or at least partially.  Among these factors are exposure to extreme weather, be it hot or cold, lack of humidity, long exposure to air conditioning or heating and even excessive amounts of bathing.  While very severe skin conditions should be addressed by a professional, there are a lot of things we can do to control and minimize the effects of dry skin.

The skin on the arms, lower legs, thighs and abdomen tend to be the driest places on the body, however it can vary from one person to another.  Some variables to consider regarding dry skin, things that affect the symptoms, are age, state of health, where you live, time spent indoors and time spent outdoors.  Any of these factors can be the cause of dry skin problems.

It is not usually difficult to discover the cause of the problem, and with a little adjustment to lifestyle, use of cream and perhaps a humidifier, your skin can be restored to its former state of health and vitality.  There's nothing like the glow of healthy, moist skin and nothing like the feeling of comfort that comes hydrated skin.  In most cases, skin will respond well to self-care (the application of lotions and oils) - however if you find there is no improvement in your skin's health after basic care, it would be prudent to consult a professional.

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