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In our very mobile world, many people of all ages are taking to the skies and travelling.  Truly, this world of ours has become a global community - not only via the internet, but also through physical travel.  Many retirees have taken to the air, land and sea, and of course - young people have always had a penchant for adventure and travel.

Managing Weight On Vacation

So, how is a woman to manage her weight on a cruise or extended holiday to some exotic place?  It was previously accepted that a weight gain of ten pounds is just about normal for a holiday adventure.  The good news is that this no longer has to be the case.  With the availability of information and a little determination to make the best of your eating fare, you can travel the world and come home without the extra "baggage".  Let's talk about some of the ways this can be accomplished.

In some countries, the traditional and cultural foods are often very different from our normal daily fare.  Yet, to travel and not take advantage of the adventure of culinary variety is almost sinful.  Why would we not eat the food of a foreign culture?  Well, for some of us, this could be a challenge.  The good news is that you can eat well, enjoy the cultural variety and still manage your diet easily.

Maintaining Quality Control

Each country has its own special variety of vegetables and meat dishes.  Depending upon your preference, try the various dishes - you need not eat copious amounts, but do indulge in the specialties.  All things in moderation.  Be aware of foods that are high in saturated oils, or deep fried.  Ask if there are alternatives to these unhealthy choices.  In many countries around the world people are conscious of the way they eat and this awareness makes it much easier for a traveler to eat healthy.  If in doubt, stick to vegetables, rice or noodles.  Chicken and fish are great lowfat protein sources.  There's no need to deprive yourself of the pleasures of good food while travelling - but do remember that it is still prudent to maintain quantity control.

The real secret is to survey the menu, ask a lot of questions and don't be afraid to leave something that doesn't appeal to you.  The variety may be different, but the basics are the same - meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, carbohydrates - they just look different.  So, go ahead and enjoy your travel experience and all the foods that go into making it an adventure.

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