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Eating For Your Nutritional Type

Yeah, Yeah, I Know...

We've all heard the phrase, "lifestyle changes" and we all know that the way we live life is a strong determining factor upon our health and wellbeing. One of the components of lifestyle is diet. Of course, again, we all know that we should be wise in the way we eat, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise regularly. Indeed, we all know these things. However, many of us fail to do them, mostly because it feels like work.

How many diets have you tried? How many have worked for you? If you are like most Western women, you have tried every diet that guaranteed fast weight loss with minimal suffering. From the most ridiculous to the most sensible, in a bid to look good and gain health, you've bought the book, the special foods, the guidelines and possibly you've attended meetings and gatherings of one sort or another.


What we have failed to understand is that dieting is not a one-size-fits-all program. A proper nutritional plan that works for one person may do nothing at all for another. That is the reason so many diets do not deliver on the promises of quick weight loss. In principle, if your caloric intake is lower than your output, you should lose weight. However, eating minimal calories is unhealthy and unwise. You can maintain that sort of eating for a short time, but if you continue to cut calories, it is likely you will develop an eating disorder or illness. If you are very active, then you probably don't even think about diet.

The Gluten Mystery

So, short of seeing a professional in order to have your own nutritional plan developed for you, what can you do? There are ways to create your own nutritional eating plan, one that will work for you. First, try to eliminate all gluten and highly allergic foods from your diet. Gluten is the primary protein that is found in wheat and most people, unknowingly, are gluten intolerant. Because it is not always noticeable in terms of physical awareness, gluten intolerance is not forefront in our thinking. However, it will keep you feeling sluggish, bloated, and having mood swings. Who would have thought it was wheat causing the problems?

Cut The Cooking And Eat Your Veggies Raw

Next, eat more raw foods. About one third of your diet should be foods that are eaten without cooking or heating. Valuable nutrients are destroyed when foods are heated. Eating many highly processed foods that have little nutritional value is one reason why most people cannot lose weight, because it leads to overeating. If you are eating a lot and do not feel satisfied, you are probably eating too many processed foods.

You should be eating as many vegetables as possible for your own biological make-up. The age-old comment of "being allergic to veggies" won't hold up here. Everyone can and should eat vegetables. However, since our nutritional needs vary based upon our nutritional type, it is important to be eating what works best for us individually. The "Eat Right for Your Blood-Type" style of figuring out your nutritional type is a great way to get started on developing the right eating style for health, vitality, and weight loss.

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