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Exercise Your Way To Health

Wondering about fitness and healthy weight loss? True physical fitness isn't about the number on the scale, it's about being strong and healthy. Working out is a great start on the road to getting healthy and fit. Consider Pilates or a cardiovascular workout such as swimming to prevent future health concerns and keep you physically fit. Alternative exercises such as yoga, aqua aerobics, and AIS also offer fitness benefits through stretching exercises that can improve muscle strength and stamina while promoting balance.  Always remember to warm up and stretch before beginning any workout.  Also check out our articles on protecting your back when exercising and outdoor workouts.


Wondering about healthy weight? How much is too much, and how low is too low? Read up on our guidelines for healthy weight. Once you’re done with that, find out what your ideal body weight is, and where you stand with your weight, using our BMI calculator.  Remember, muscle weighs more than fat so it is better to weigh more on the scale with muscle than to weigh less with just fat.  The BMI calculator can help you figure it all out.  

If you’re losing weight and you don’t know why, you might be worried that there’s an underlying health issue. See if you can get a handle on the situation using the Involuntary Weight Loss Evaluation, and then go see your doctor, to make sure you’re alright. On the opposite end of the scale, many women who gain weight are unsure as to why. Learn the top causes of weight gain and regain control of your health.  Also read up on how to keep weight off through exercise.  Some women have a lot of trouble taking off weight even though they excerise regularly and eat well.  If  this is you then you may want to check out our articles on PCOS--a hormonal condition that may be the reason for your weight gain. 

Obesity has a major impact on a woman's health and can even affect her fertility as well as lead to pregnancy complications. Learn about obesity treatment options in order to regain control of your weight and learn about the connection between mindset and weight loss.  Also find out more about why people put off exercise and find out how to stick to your exercise plan.  Get tips on choosing the best form of exercise for your body and find out tricks for sticking to your excerise goals.  Also learn more about what to do if you feel you have hit an exercise plateau and learn how to trick your body into burning more calories.  

Start reading and discover how to exercise your way to a healthy weight.

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