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Lower right pain
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erica251 - July 22

I stopped taking birth control pills 6 months ago after being on them for 10 years and for about 10 days in the middle of my first natural cycle, I had extreme pain on the lower right side. I went to the doctor and he told me that it was my ovary which was giving me pain because it hadn't been in use for so long. The following months I continued to experience the pain (always on the right side) but for fewer and fewer days until the last 2 months I experienced no pain. Now I am in the middle of my cycle again and the pain has returned (the past 4 days). It is not as intense as before, but becomes more intense when I go to the bath room. I am also quite bloated. I have also started eating better recently (more fruit, vegetables, and fiber). Any ideas if this issue is exacerbated by my dietary change or what else could have caused it to return?


fedupchick - July 22

Have you ever had a scan? I dont think your doc knows too much! lol. A pain like that could be a few things, most commonly its an ovarian cyst or endometriosis. (Endometriosis is often linked with monthly pain) If the pain persists then I would ask, or insist on a scan. Look up the symptoms of both and see if any of them ring some bells. Dont worry tho, cysts are very common! :-)


erica251 - July 22

I was thinking of waiting until my annual but I think I'll make an appt. For next week. I spoke with her and she said the same but I might as well just go. I just don't want to have problems! Do cysts cause problems with contraception? From what I have read it's not really clear. The pain isn't constant but more annoying. Plus acne has worsened since I stopped the pill. I WISH I WAS A BOY! Anyway thanks for the comforting words! I should add my past sonograms and exams have been normal, but i was always on the pill.


fedupchick - July 23

Not sure what you mean if cycts cause problems with contraception?
I was on the pill like you for 10 years, and just like you had some pain when I came off it. I had a cyst, that unfortunately the doc misdiagnosed for 4 years as IBS. It grew until it was 4kg in size, and turned nasty inside. Luckily all was removed safely. A simple scan would've saved me a very large op!
There are a few different types of cysts that we get, and its very very common for women to get them, esp as we get older. The pill supresses them, but of course, there are other risks with being on the pill, again, esp as we get older, so its a bit of a juggling act for us ladies!

If you have a scan and they find nothing, and the pain continues, please keep a pain diary, list all symptoms where and when they happen (if linked with monthly cycle). If the pain gets bothersome, then its worth going to see a gynae and enquire about a diagnositic laparoscopy. It could be endometriosis. I know a lot of women who have this and its a fight to get doctors to help, or even listen, so it helps to be prepared and very strong.

Wish you all the best :-)

ps - oh yes, acne too for me! Am 39 and I have acne that I never had in my youth. It sucks!


erica251 - July 23

Sorry I meant conception not contraception! Well the pain is actually worse today, I am going to get an appointment this week. enough of this.

I have been tracking the pain and it comes around the middle of my cycle every time. Not precisely on day 14 but somewhere between day 12-16.


fedupchick - July 23

Am sorry you're in pain :-( It sucks. Good luck at the docs...


AydensMami - July 29

I am having pain in my lower right side. I could barely walk for 2 weeks. It felt like someone was stabbing me or something was twisting inside. It made my abdomen feel bloated & tender to the touch. I went to see a PCP & he referred me to an OB/GYN. He was convinced I needed to go see about my female stuff. I have fibroids (dont know how big they are but I'm convinced they are the cause of my pain.) I went today to see the OB/GYN & she was NO help. Does anyone else have painful fibroids???


fedupchick - July 31

Heya! Sounds nasty, am so sorry. Have you had a scan recently? I dont think its fair to leave you doubled up with pain like that, and if the fibroid has grown enough to cause so much pain, I think they should give you a scan to see whats going on - and then make a plan of what to do. It also may not be a fibroid, could be a few things, endometriosis, psos, but docs shouldnt guess without looking imho.

Best of luck!



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