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Menopause or Not?
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connie.G - June 9

I think I'm getting there. Oh, dear. What are your telltale signs of menopause? I just turned 50 this year. And of course my regular period is now become increasingly irregular and what about those hot flashes? Mine happens at night usually. I've researched about this online and have to see my gynecologist. I'm just hoping someone else can tell me about their own menopausal experiences. Is this really it? My husband is afraid that I might lose my libido, of all things. Any thoughts?


Nicole M. - June 12

my mom's test results came in positive for menopause just last week. she says she officially feels like an old lady no (she's 54 but still a kid at heart). i'd say get a test too. it's a sure way to tell if you're on the big M or not. sorry i don't have that same experience but in a few years it's gonna be my turn too. good luck!


connie.G - June 13

Thank you, Nicole. I'm seeing my doctor sometime this week. I just don't FEEL that old, you know? Haha! But I guess I have to welcome this time of my love with grace.


viviane - July 25

mine is quite stressful. i always feel tired and sluggish. i don't know why, even if i had complete 8-hours of sleep, i still feel exhausted.


Shirly - March 13

Hi... Im 41.my menses always been on d dot every month... But I missed my menses last month... N stil now... Checked wit dr.. Im not pregnant also.... Is it early menopause....???


MellisaPeterson - May 27

See about doing assumption we can have health issues. Directly consult doctor first for menopause. It will give you thorough idea. Do try these tips as Stop your symptoms with optimal nutrition, Try herbal remedies that work for your hormones, Find an exercise you love to help reduce fat and help estrogen and progesterone ratios, Take steps to reduce your stress, Understand that our emotions play a vital role in our health. Have a peek at this website cupissima.com for more detailed info.



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