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Peri menopause
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after40 - December 29

I am 45 years old and going through irregular periods. Had three months of continuous bleeding in the course of which I had tingling in my feet.My Obgyn said it could be dehydration. Its 2 months since I stopped my periods but the tingling has not stopped. My left leg feels heavy all the time. I did all my physical and blood work and all have come back normal.
Someone suggested magnesium


New2this444 - October 4

I just turned 50...and still have my period...its getting a bit strange now in the last 6 mos. Had a bad rash on my right hand...they said was staph, because they took a culture. I have really bad pins and needs in my extremities and waking up with numb, cold arms and extreme pain in my joints...I thought it was staph all along. Come to see the rash on my hand went completely away...and now I am concluding that It is "actually" signs or Peri-menopause.


after40 - October 4

Hi New2this444
I posted that in Dec 2009 and after a month of that, life took a turn for the worse.My leg tingling shifted to complete numbness and I wasn't able to walk even a few steps without falling.After a few tests like EEG,Ultrasound of the legs,extensive blood work and finally the MRI they found a tumor on my spine. Did the surgery and am completely fine now.The biopsy of the tumor showed positive to Estrogen and Progesterone receptors.Now its over a year and its all in the past and I feel fine!!


New2this444 - October 7

Hello After 40...I'm so sorry to hear what your discovery was from the pins and needles...

Do you mind me asking, what does that mean that the tumor showed postiive for estrogen and Progeserone receptors??? Do you mean the problem was connected to being in peri menopause or menopause??

I am happy you are better :)


RubyRuby - July 1

tingling and numbness is a not so normal symptoms for menopause and postmenopause, it is something that some women experience it just like you. it is the result in the fluctuations in hormones. hydration is very important and keep an ample amount of sleep everyday.



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