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beth - December 31

Everyone talks about using a condom, but is there any other way not to get STDs? My boyfriend hates wearing a skin.


nicolaruijne - September 25

Tough tootsies, beth. You need to take care of yourself. Don't start feeling sorry for him--that could mean the end of you, and I'm not kidding. STDs can kill a person. No boyfriend is worth dying over. Sheesh!


sophia - September 25

But nicolaruijne! Doesn't his pleasure count for something, too?? Maybe beth isn't asking to give him what he wants at her expense. Maybe she's only asking if there's another way that's both safe for her, and feels good to him. That's legit, isn't it??


thurmond - September 25

Youall are missing the point. None of you have actually answered beth's question: what else can protect against STDs other than condoms??

I know of one thing: the vaccine for HPV, but it doesn't cover everything, not even all the types of HPV and I heard there's a lot of them. I think you're still sypposed to use a condom even if you've had the vaccine.

It's a bummer for the guys. They don't like wearing those things.


schoendienst - September 25

Don't forget abstinence!! Works like a charm, everytime ;-)


alaska_gurlly - September 28

i thot the hpv vaccine is only good up until a certain age and no good if you alredy have hpv - which most people do. better get checked out to see if either of you have stds and if not ask your boyfriend if he wants to marry you and remain monogomous. might send him running but if he runs he isn't worth keeping anyway. And don't put yourself at risk.


yazzygirl111 - November 3

hey i totally agree with alaska see if you both can get checked then get married if hes not willing then hes not worth it


zeerah - July 3

better be safe than sorry. std is a no joke, you don't want both of you suffering that kind of illness. treat it right, treat it now!



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