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really, really scared. help!! :(
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rachcake - April 13

i am fifteen and have been with the same boyfriend since i was twelve. we have been sleeping together since i was thirteen. i take birth control pills to help with my acne. my mom pays for them, she does not know that i also use them for birth control.
last summer, i had a month or two (not corresponding to my periods) that it hurt terribly to pee, and i couldn't control when i peed hardly at all, i had to go like all the time.

this past month, it started happening again.... i lost my pills one night, and started spotting a little bit for a day. but now, it hurts to pee again, and this time, my discharge is brown :( like not even kind of brown. like dark dark brown. almost black.

my boyfriend and i were each other's first kiss. there's NO chance either of us got an STD from someone else. could he have been born with one? do i have an STD? or maybe an infection or something.

i'm going to see the gynecologist soon, but my mom will be with me. my parents are really conservative. they like my boyfriend, but they'd be heartbroken if they found out....

please help!!!! :(


Jenny - June 11

honestly, it is so sad to hear your story because you are still juvenile and you went through all of this. your parents will be very devastated. you will definitely lose their trust on you and to your boyfriend. you could be pregnant at a very young age or you could have STD, either way, you are in trouble and you need your parents' guidance. i hope you will open it up to your parents as soon as possible and not to wait for them to find it out themselves.


ziarrah - August 27

you are too young to undergo this kind of problem, but there is no other way than to find out what could have caused you painful pee and most of the unlikely signs. what's important is that you need a medical attention because it is too risky for someone like you at a very young age.



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