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"I find it an excellent source of information on various subjects, and always keep certain ones concerning my age or symptoms. I've got them in a 'hugh' file, *chuckle*, I love the fact that you refer to 'sources' for more information too, such as PUB MED or MEDSCAPE, etc. " Dee Dee

"Each week seems to have something for me. I always forward it to my three daughters, and they think it is great, too. " Trudy K.

This is a "convenient way to stay current on women's health issues. Easy to address questions or concerns about topics. I thoroughly enjoy 'Humor is Healthy' " Mary Carman

I like "everything! I love the articles and the humor is great!" Jodi

"I feel like I am being kept up to date with regards to women's health." Tammy

I like "that you cover subjects for all ages! I also like the variety of your newsletter. I am not always able to read the paper or listen to the radio, or even surf the net, but with your newsletter I stay informed and updated, in The Women's Health News Tips." G.P.

I "liked everything...but the real life saver for me was the article about testosterone in the last letter. that finally got me to make a call to the doctor and add it to my hrt. for all the reasons stated in the (news)letter." ceec

I "wanted to tell you how excited I was this week to read the first item on the newsletter about vulvodynia. This affects hundreds of thousands if not millions of women and it is SO difficult to get it diagnosed or properly treated. I have a mild case of vulvar vestibulitis, one form of vulvodynia... I was planning on writing to you about vestibulitis, but had not gotten around to it yet. So a big THANK YOU for putting this in the newsletter, esp. with Dr. Glazer's informative site as a link." Tara Greenway

"On an outing for an elderly female, just visiting Cyberspace and there you were. For me, I like your jokes, merry heart doeth good like a medicine. then on to staying alive with news update on health care.." L M Albert

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