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A Guide to Hair Styling Tools

There are many different hair styling tools on the market today. They help create looks that range from special wedding hairstyles to the everyday look. In order to help you to understand your choices, here is concise guide to the main styling tools that are available.

What are the major styling tools?

Hair brushes - brushes are the most common hair tool available. Choosing the right hairbrush is important.  Different size, shape and textured brushes can be used to smooth, add volume, remove frizz and style your hair.

Hair straighteners / flat irons - these products have become increasingly popular with women wanting to achieve a straight and sleek look.

A flat iron looks like a clamp and it generates heat to straighten your hair temporarily. After blow drying your hair, you must allow the hair to cool completely before using the flat iron. It's a simple device to use, but it's a good idea to practice while it's cold so you can feel more confident.

Use the iron working from the roots to the end of your hair. Be careful that it doesn't burn your scalp. The variable heat settings on the flat iron can help protect your hair from damage. Hair straighteners allow you to straighten your own hair without needing to pay expensive salon fees.

Hair crimpers - crimpers look a lot like flat irons and are similar to use. The difference is that you press the hair for a few seconds in order to put the waves into your hair, rather than remove them. Hair crimpers can be used to create a multi-layered modern look.

Rollers - rollers are a good way of creating volume, and are a great choice for women who want their style to stay 'fixed' for a long period of time. You need to wind your hair one and a half times round the roller, and allow the hair to dry completely before taking the rollers out. Modern rollers are made with Velcro, eliminating the need for pins. Heated rollers work well for those in a hurry, although care must be taken to avoid scalp burns.

Blow dryers - hair dryers do so much more these days than just dry your hair. They are also used to add volume, and to provide frizz control. Used in combination with brushes and combs, hair dryers allow you to shape and style your hair to produce the hairstyle you want. It is best to towel dry most of the moisture out of your hair before you start drying. Shaping and styling should be done while your hair is still slightly damp.

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