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Getting rid of unwanted body hair is just one of the ways to achieve smooth skin. But let’s face it, hair removal can sometimes be a drag. So what’s the best way to get rid of unwanted hair?

Permanent Hair Removal techniques are gaining popularity. But the high cost of electrolysis and laser hair removal may make it out of the question for some. Here is an overview of the most common hair removal techniques used by women. From shaving to bikini wax, we’ll help you figure out the best solution to your hair removal problems.



Shaving is the most commonly used hair removal technique chosen by women because it is relatively easy, painless, and affordable. However, shaving is also the most temporary hair removal method since shaving cuts hair at the surface of the skin instead of removing hair by its follicles. Because shaving provides a temporary solution, the cost of replacing shaving products can add up over the years.

Use a moisturizer such as shaving cream, water, hair conditioner or body wash before shaving to allow the razor blade to glide smoothly over the skin. You can also wash the area with some warm water and soap before shaving to soften coarse hair.

Some of the side effects of shaving include redness and irritation which can be prevented by choosing a high quality razor, whether electric, disposable, or twin blade with a moisturizing strip.



Generally speaking, waxing involves heated wax that is applied in the direction of hair growth over the skin. Hair becomes embedded in the wax as it cools, and then quickly pulled off by a cloth or paper strip.

While waxing is a more painful method of hair removal, hair re-growth is slow and can take months. If you are using the waxing method at home, you may want to perform a patch test prior to waxing to avoid an allergic reaction or abnormal irritation.

Sugar waxing replaces wax with a sugary, watery substance that is similar to caramel and easier to clean. Cold waxes are also available and can usually be purchased in packages including strips.



Some women use bleaching as an alternative to hair removal in order to lighten dark hair and make it less noticeable. This is most commonly used in areas that already have thin hair such as the arms, face, and neck.

A bleach that is specifically designed for hair removal is applied to the skin, removing the pigment from the hair. Bleaching usually lasts between 2-3 weeks, and is usually not useful for areas of thick or coarse hair growth.



The depilatory method is another inexpensive technique. A cream is applied and left on the skin for 3-15 minutes, dissolving the chemical bond between your hair and skin. The cream is then gently wiped away, removing the hair with it.

The major disadvantage of this hair removal technique is that it contains chemicals that can irritate your skin if left on the surface too long. It can also be a messy process.



Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that is most commonly used on the eyebrows. A long twisted loop is rotated to create coils that trap the hair and remove it from the skin.

Threading is relatively inexpensive and results last about one week. However, threading can be painful, and in some cases can lead to ingrown hairs and scarring.

If you are looking for an alternative facial hair removal technique, plucking with tweezers is always an option.



Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal treatment which uses a fine needle to apply an electric current to each individual hair follicle, burning the roots and discouraging hair growth.

The treatment usually takes between 12-18 months to complete, and prices range between $50-$150 per session. The total starting cost of electrolysis treatment is usually $2,000.

Electrolysis is recommended for individuals with thick or coarse hair growth, and some of the side effects can include pain, scarring, or infection.


Laser Hair Removal and Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Like electrolysis, laser hair removal treatment can provide permanent hair removal once several sessions are performed by a professional. Laser hair removal uses a laser pulse to destroy hair, and usually requires between 4-6 sessions.

Laser Hair Removal is a less painful and generally less expensive treatment than electrolysis. The average laser hair removal cost for small areas starts at $1000. The treatment can be used on almost any area of the body, though it is recommended for individuals with lighter skin and coarse or dark hair growth.


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