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There are so many different elements that contribute to a woman's health. Having an ailment impair one aspect of your health can, in fact, affect all areas of your health. Learning more about the various conditions, discomforts and allergies out there will help you improve not only your body but also your outlook.  Check out our section devoted to your health and comfort and learn more about various medical conditions that can affect your general health and well being and learn more about what you can do to improve your day to day well being.  


Everyone suffers from some discomfort at some point. Whether it be adult acne, hemorrhoids, ulcers or swelling, it is common to experience not only physical aches and pains as result but also embarrassment and anxiety. Our section on Discomfort will provide you with articles on all those pesky problems and great tips on what you can do about them. Find out why these aliments occur and learn more about what you can do to end your discomfort and starting feeling well again.  Also learn more about what to do if you suffer from migraines and mouth sores.  Get information to cure your pain today.


While some allergies can produce quite obvious symptoms, such as hives, rashes and wheezing, signs of other allergens may not be so apparent. Yet, they can make you feel just as miserable. Our Allergies section will give you the low down on the common and not so common allergies around. Here, you can also find advice on the best ways to get rid of those allergies and allergens. Did you know that hidden mold in your home might be causing you to be sick.  Black mold growing in your bathroom, basement or behind your walls could cause you and your children to develop breathing problems and asthma.  Find out how to treat this dangerous form of mold and l

earn more about mold allergies and common food allergies and about what to do to prevent and treat such allergies.

Medical Conditions

If you're looking for information on chronic conditions, like thyroid problems, or want to know what you need to do before going in for an operation, then the Conditions section is for you. With information on a variety of conditions, including hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you are sure to find the information you need. Also check out our pre-surgery check list so that you are sure to have everything you need before going under the knife.

Health Archives

Of course, articles don't always answer all your questions. If there is something you are wondering, then you may want to check out our FAQ 

section. Take a look at some of the most common health questions women ask and get the answers you need.

And for even more great health info, take a look through our Health Archives index, which lists all of our past newsletters.


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Hi,for sometimes now i've been having bonds on my private part and my armpit, what do I Do?
10 years ago
I found your web page useful. I have multiple fibroids. The ultrasound pelvis shows 3.43x4.10x3.98 cm anterior wall,0.91x0.89x0.66cm anterior wall, 0.91x1.08x0.78cm, posterior wall, 1.03x1.24x0.93cm posterior wall. The endometrial thickness of 1.37 cm is within the normal limits. ..There isa cyst measuring 1.44x1.36x1.04 cm noted in the left ovary. To make it short, all are normal and at conclusion it stated that there are multiple fibroids the largest of which measures 7.5x6.0x5.2 cm. Given the size of the fibroid further GN evaluation is suggested as clinically warranted. I am 33 yrs old and married for few months ago. I plan to see GN soon. But this very moment I am preparing myself what will GN say and I found your web. Now I am taking Blackstrap molasses reduce heavy bleeding, and vitex and milk thistle extract by my own. I put castor oil before go to bed. Can I get pregnant without any surgical treatment? I want to treat these fibroids naturally till a have a baby. My other concern is these fibroids can interfere my fertility. I am really in distressed before I met GN. I am afraid that the GN will recommend to do some surgery for fibroids. Please give some advice. Is there any natrural way that really get rid of fibroids?
12 years ago
hi.i am 32 years old still single. i just want to ask on how to treat a vaginal discharges.i o have vaginal discharges for 8 months now and it has foul odor which is so embarrassing....i have consulted an ob gyne doctor and she got some samples on my yellowish color discharges then after examining the sample she only recommended to use gnepro a feminine wash and a vaginal suppository.but after one week of medication i do still have this disgusting discharges...please do help me i need your advice and according to the doctor i cant get pregnant if i still have this...i am not young anymore and i do want to have baby already
13 years ago
Fifteen years ago I had a vaginal hysterectomy with complications that lead to surgery requiring a vertical incision to stomach for repair. Even now if I stay warm for some time and have perspired a little, under my tummy where a drainage tube was inserted, and of course healed, it becomes reddened, and odorous dampness comes from the scar. If I don't quickly wash and keep dry with powder, I wonder if it would become infected. Has it not completely healed after all these years? (Vertical tummy incisions causes one to lose stomach muscles and the tummy of course sags over that area even though I'm not obese.)
13 years ago