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All The World Is In Menopause

There are more women worldwide going through menopause than at any other time in history. Women are gaining an entirely new sense of what it means to be independent, freethinking, and unencumbered by pleasing everyone all of the time, and countless other wonderful experiences. New therapies that are natural add to the experience of menopause without the downside of drugs. Menopause just isn't what it used to be just a few short years ago.

Women seldom go through menopause alone. They take their men with them. This stage in life can be more than some men have bargained for, and men should be aware of some basic things in order to make their lives easier during this incredible transition period.

You Have NO Idea What It's Like

Understanding is probably the top requisite, however, it is the most difficult to master. A woman may say and do things that do not make sense at all and a man will likely never really figure it out. For example, a woman may have to leave a room quickly due to a symptom of menopause. The best and safest thing for a man to do is simply get out of the way and let her go. She will talk about it after the fact. Wisdom would dictate not to ask any questions at that particular moment in time.

If a man could mentally put himself into his woman's position he could ask himself what kind of a mood he would be in if: he didn't sleep all night, had hot flashes and drenching sweats, and couldn't remember anything from one minute to another. The answer would probably be something like, "get me a gun." A woman in menopause has to deal with these symptoms for years.

Not Tonight, Dear

Sex, while not entirely a thing of the past, will be less frequent for a while. It isn't because the woman has lost interest in her mate. Hormones are funny things, but it does not mean the end of something good. Like everything during this period, there will be changes and some of them may be more fun than either person thought.

It is equally important for a man to know that his marriage is not doomed. Even though there may be periods during which a long walk would seem quite appropriate. As the wise king once said, "This too shall pass." In the meantime, the neediness, brashness, outspokenness, and emotional roller coaster are life for the moment. It is helpful for both the man and woman to embrace life at this time. A lot of hugs and quiet, strong support go a long way to helping a woman through the ups and downs of this period.

Ya Gotta Laugh A Little

Menopause, probably more than any other time in life, requires a great sense of humor. The ability to see the lighter side of life through it all, without embarrassment, will help to keep things on a steadier plane. Laugh a lot, love a lot, and know that this is not forever.

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