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One of the most well-known and perhaps the most feared of all STDs is HIV/AIDs. Learn more about this sexually transmitted virus by checking out our HIV overview and get the facts you need to keep yourself safe when engaging in sexual relations. Also learn more about the differences between living with HIV and living with AIDs and find out more about what HIV and AIDs really are.  Get the facts about how you contract HIV and put to rest the many rumors and myths about catching HIV.  For example, did you know you can only contract HIV through fluid to fluid contact--this mean through blood, semen or vaginal fluid.  Just another reason you should always where a condom when engaging in sexual relations.  

Symptoms Of HIV

Check out our article on HIV symptoms so that you will know when to go to the doctor. However, most of the time people live for years with this virus without ever knowing they are ill. This is why it is so important to go for HIV testing after every sexual partner.  The sooner you begin treatment, the better your chances to avoid developing AIDs. Early detection can not only help save your life but it can also prevent the spread of HIV to other partners.  Also learn about the other ways to transmit HIV between partners in addition to intercourse and put to rest the many myths about HIV in our article on HIV myths.

Treating HIV

Treatments for HIV have significantly improved over the years and while there is no cure for this STD, it is not quite the death sentence it once was. Learn more about the HIV drug cocktail and find out how this dose of medicine can improve both your quality of life with HIV and your lifespan.  Today it is possible to lead a relatively long and normal life with HIV.  Find out more.

Like with any STD, prevention is the key to keeping yourself safe and healthy. Learn more about how you can contract HIV and check out our articles on ways to prevent infection from HIV.  While abstinence is the best way to prevent the contraction of HIV or any other STD, latex condoms is the second best way.  In fact, no other form of birth control can also help protect you against STDs like condoms.  Discover why.  Also find out more about who is at risk for HIV by reading our article on teens and HIV and find out how to cope with a relationship and HIV.  Also read up on why women are more at risk for HIV then men and learn more about what happens when you go for an HIV test.


Table of Contents
2. HIV/AIDS: Overview
3. Relationships And HIV
4. Teens And HIV
5. HIV Myths And Facts
6. HIV Medications
7. HIV/AIDS Differences
8. HIV Drug Cocktail
9. Ways To Get HIV
10. Condoms To Prevent HIV
11. Prevent HIV
12. To Test Or Not
13. The HIV Test
14. Appearances Tell Nothing
15. Women And HIV
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