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The Wonder Plant - Aloe Vera

Most of us have been in the home of someone who has an aloe vera cactus, usually with a few broken leaves on it. For the uninitiated, the use of the aloe vera plant in treating wounds and burns has been part of many cultures for centuries. The ancient Romans and Greeks used it for medicinal and beauty aids and even Cleopatra was said to have used it for beauty treatments. The aloe vera is related to onions and asparagus and appears naturally in Africa, although it can be found all over the world.

One Plant - Many Uses

There are many common uses for aloe vera - the most frequent being the use of the gel as a topical medication for burns and cuts. It relieves inflammation and pain as well as reduces the incidence of infection. Studies have shown that the regular use of aloe vera can speed the healing process in minor wounds and serious burns. The thick leaves of the plant snap easily and can be broken off to reveal the gel inside. Simply applying this gel to the affected area brings relief and healing.

Recognized by the FDA

Aloe vera is recognized by the FDA as a laxative; however, all of the other medicinal properties of aloe vera have not been accepted to date. This herb, when taken orally, has been known to help with a wide variety of ailments, among them heartburn, arthritis, rheumatism pain, asthma, lowering of blood sugar in diabetics, colitis, liver problems and prostate problems, to name only a few.

Aloe Vera and Weight Loss

Now, aloe vera is being recognized as one of the best agents to promote weight loss. It not only appears to be an effective agent in reducing BMI (body mass index), but it also stabilizes the BMI. The gel is multi-faceted, making it suitable for a wide variety of populations and individuals. It has something to offer everyone.

Aloe vera stimulates the metabolic rate in the liver cells helping the body to burn more fat as energy. The activity of each cell rises and more heat is generated utilizing stored fat and carbohydrates to facilitate the burning. It also has a high content of "collagen protein" so it is a protein supplement as well. By using aloe vera in the diet it allows for greater energy usage as the protein is assimilated, since proteins are very difficult to break down. Used as a supplement, aloe vera has the potential to both build the body up while burning up fat stores. Quite a unique and desirable function.

One of the uses of aloe vera as a medicine is for its value to the colon and intestinal track. Aloe vera has the capacity to move food through the intestines fast. By doing so, there is less time for absorption which means less weight amassed. It seems this herb is good for everything!

Check Before You Buy

Be sure to find a product that is a high quality aloe vera supplement, one with standardized herbal extract and manufactured under GMP compliance by a credentialed product formulator


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