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Continuous bleeding in spite of birth control pill therapy

I'm a 38 year old female and I have bleed almost constantly for past month. Originally, I went back on the "pill" because periods and cramps were so debilitating and I have been on just about every family of pill available but nothing is bringing me back to "normal" This month, I have had my period all month (lightly) and when the time came for my actual period, there was very little change if any. My doctors say it is breakthrough bleeding and that everything is normal.

Has it been only one month that there has been bleeding other than at normal menstrual time or is it many months? We need to know the full history on the bleeding. It sounds as if the cramps have been going on quite awhile. Have you asked to be referred to a gynecologist?

I've been bleeding for 5-6 weeks and the gynecologist says to wait for three months to see if the pills straighten me out.

Anovulatory bleeding that is irregular often does take 3 months to straighten out on its own, but we don't wait 3 months to treat if it is continuous bleeding. If this is really continuous for 5-6 weeks, you should get some hormonal treatment to try to stop it, cause a withdrawal bleed and hopefully get it straightened out. If a family doctor can't do that, insist on seeing a gynecologist soon.

I have been seeing a gynecologist and have been taking birth control pills for some time to straighten this thing out. I've been told that I am exhausting the different families of pills that I can take.

Some of them cause me to blow up like a balloon and this last one did not even stop the bleeding. I just kept having my period all month long and the gynecologist said, "Let's give it a total of three months."

You have had reasonable trials of hormonal therapy. It is now time for a hysteroscopy and D&C to make sure there is no mechanical cause of bleeding inside the uterus such as polyps or fibroids.

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