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Endometrial ablation for bleeding and PMS

My doctor has recommended me to have endometrial ablation procedure done for my heavy bleeding and blood clots but my biggest concern is will this help my severe PMS.

I have had all the tests done and they are normal but my periods are getting worse especially with the PMS and if this procedure does not help that what else can I do, I do not want to make this decision and it is not a right.

I don't know the answer to this. In one respect, all the factors associated with PMS -- ovulation, progesterone, pelvic blood vessel engorgement will still be present even though you have the ablation.

The fact that the cramps and flow will decrease or be absent should play a role in decreasing some of the PMS symptoms.

Basically I'm not sure whether ablation will decrease your PMS symptoms, but it is an out patient procedure which would not put you out of work or activity for more than 3-7 days.

Will spotting with straining interfere with conception?

It is time for my ovulation and I am trying to get pregnant, but I sometimes have a single, light spot of blood whenever I use the bathroom (a little heavier with a bowel movement) and usually only after straining.

For most of the month it is normal for me and I never paid it much attention until now. Will it interfere with me conceiving?

No. The spotting should not interfere with conception


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5. Spotting after sex
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7. Bleeding stops implantation?
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