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Hysterectomy: Post-operative Concerns

by Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

After a hysterectomy, does a woman still need to have annual pap smears?

If you have ever had abnormal Pap smears with dysplasia or HPV changes, I would say yes for about 5 years at least. Then if all of those Paps are negative you could have them every 3 years.

If you've never had an abnormal Pap and you have had 3 recent annual Paps that are all negative, then you probably only need them about every 3 years starting now.

Changes can take place at the end of the vagina (dysplasia, carcinoma in-situ or invasive cancer of the vagina) just as they can on the cervix. Admittedly it is much less frequent but does happen. The only time we see cancer of the vagina (squamous cell) is in women who had a hysterectomy and never got another Pap for many years.

Light pink discharge 3 weeks post hysterectomy

My vaginal hysterectomy was done 3 weeks ago and I feel great! My OB/GYN said I could resume all activities with the exception of intercourse and lifting. I have lost five pounds since surgery and am starting to get back to normal.

I clean house, vacuum and have started exercising 30 minutes each day on my air glider machine. I have a very small amount of soreness, very little though. I still have a slight very light pink discharge and only off and on. Is this normal?

Yes. It usually lasts a couple of weeks but it can continue for 6 weeks. There may also be some more spotting out at about 5- 8 weeks when some of the sutures dissolve. After that there shouldn't be any more bleeding.

People I talk to tell me to take it easy and don't overdo but I really do feel fine. When I tire, I lay down. Am I doing anything I shouldn't be?

Sounds ok. Keep off the lifting.

I don't see my doctor for another 3 weeks. Thanks much!

Table of Contents
1. Post hysterectomy concerns
2. Bone loss?
3. Weight gain
4. Losing the weight
5. More on weight loss
6. Menopause and weight gain
7. Orgasm after hysterectomy
8. What about PMS?
9. PMS symptoms reduced!
10. Hysterectomy for PMS
11. Hysterectomy for prolapse
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so I have a query please. I have had painful periods and mood swings (to the point that some people have questioned if I am bipolar) since I was 13. At 24/25 I spoke with a doctor and asked for a hysterectomy to stop the pain. I have never ever wanted to have children and so because of the pain this was perfectly logical request in my mind. The doctor declined because of my age and so instead I began taking Cerezette and continued to take it for the next 10+ years. My periods stopped as did the pain and the mood swings. It was incredible. Because of the different countries I have lived in I could buy the Cerezette over the counter without prescription so I did! I have been fully checked twice for PCOS and thyroid both negative. I recently moved to Czech Rep and the Dr I went to see advised that normally Cerezette is only prescribed for max 5 yrs due to potential osteoporosis. I stopped immediately. She did tests and there's something wrong with an ovary also - it's stuck to something inside - so I need an op. Since I stopped the pill I've had multiple periods (for example between June 25th and today I have had 4 of varying heaviness) and never mind the pain I am in - the mood swings are getting worse. To the point where they are effecting my job. I am supposed to have a operation in October for the ovary BUT...... Do you think my Doctor would consider an full hysterectomy on a 35 yr old woman who has never had children nor wants any? Or is she likely to decline me? If I had a full hysterectomy, would I then go through menopause? Sorry this is so long nut I am at the end of my tether here - any advice is really appreciated.
11 years ago
I was diagnosed with PCOS and 9 weeks to the day I had a hysterectomy (ovaries intact) as well as a bladder lift. During surgery my doctor did find ednometriosis and stated that he removed what he could. I continue to have very painful mestraul type cramps, fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain. Getting up from the sitting position is painful as well as sneezing or coughing. Last week I had my thyroid checked and everything appeared to be normal. Is my experience normal or should there be cause for concern? I know it takes time to completely heal, but I have a gut feeling something is not normal.
11 years ago
Every now and then I have a light pink discharge after having a laparscopic Hysterectomy 8 months ago is this normal?
12 years ago
I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy Feb 13th and I am VERY scared. I am having the hysterectomy because my cervix is closed shut so my mothly blood flow is backing up into my uterus causing massive pain. My question is if my cervix is closed shut what are the odds that I will be able to have vaginal hysterectomy?
12 years ago
12 weeks ago had hysterectomy i now have trouble with having bowel movement is this normal i have a pain in my left side front and back which ia really annoying.sometimes i break wind which is really smelly i am about 2 go back 2 work,i am on movicol and doctor gave me supposerties which work eventully
13 years ago