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Post hysterectomy stomach exercises

I am now 9 weeks post TAH with a midline incision. Can I start to do some tummy exercises and if so what would be best? I find I have no stomach tone at all and it is now starting to give me back pain with "everything hanging in front".

You can resume stomach (rectus) muscle exercises at 6 weeks if you did not have any "support work" done (like bladder suspension) and at about 12 weeks with "support work" done.

Start gradually with leg lifts and knees-bent sit-ups, unless you get a lot of back pain. If you do, just start with isometrics of stomach muscle tightening. Gradually, take at least 4 weeks to get up to the level you might have been able to do before surgery.

Pre and post hysterectomy intense, burning leg and abdominal pain

I just had an total hysterectomy because of endometriosis. I 'm 15 days post-op and I started getting an intense burning in my legs and abdomen. The burning is so intense, continous and painful that I can not sleep and need pain pills!

I have had this over and over. I never did track it in relation to my cycle, I should have. I am in shock now that it started up several days ago.

I thought that the hysterectomy would have stopped it! Dr.s always thought that it was an STD. In ten years, it never was!!!! So I just stopped complaining because of ignorant doctors who just don't listen!

I have noticed a slight white discharge and I'm wondering if it's a yeast and how that could be after a hysterectomy?

Burning pain like you describe is either neurological in origin (nerves, spinal cord) or vascular (blood vessel tightening) in origin. We don't see it related to endometriosis unless there is very very extensive pelvic disease.

Post operatively it can be aggravated by epidural or spinal anesthesia. It sounds like this may be what we used to call reflex symphathetic dystropy. Now it is a "regional pain syndrome."

You probably need to see a neurologist for this problem initially. Sometimes it turns out to be vascular in which there are Lupus like diseases that cause the blood vessels to constrict or possibly even atherosclerosis of the larger blood vessels of the aorta and pelvis.

The neurologist will sometimes have you see a vascular surgeon to see if that's a problem. If you are having severe pain now, I would ask your doctor if you could see a neurologist fairly quickly.

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