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Dealing with nausea post hysterectomy (cont'd)

Nausea and loss of appetite can persist after two weeks and when this happens, we honestly just do not know why it takes so long for the bowel function to return to normal.

I suspect that antibiotics during and possibly after surgery are the main culprits that disturb the normal bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract. Taking capsules with live Acidophilus cultures may help this.

Sometimes you have just been eating different foods than you normally did and the stomach is sensitive to these.

You may have discontinued smoking or caffeine or a medication you were on which increased bowel motility and now the bowel is quite lazy and produces an intermittent illeus (lack of bowel muscle movement).

Just being at home all day if you were used to going out of the house for work or leisure can lead to swallowing more saliva and air which causes increased gas and nausea. Be sure to try to restart all of your presurgical eating and activity habits now that you are six weeks out.

There are, however, conditions or complications of surgery that your doctor should look for. A chronic infection at the appendiceal stump can cause these problems as can adhesions affecting the bowel. A CAT scan may be needed to detect an abscess; adhesions can only be suspected but not confirmed short of repeat surgery.

Injury at the time of surgery to the bladder or ureter can also cause this prolonged bowel problem. A kidney xray (IVP) may be needed to see injury although a CAT scan may also pick this up.

In summary I would say to use the Acidophilus capsules, closely examine any food or medication changes that have taken place and try to resume your normal activities.

If there is no explanation there or if the nausea and loss of appetite persists or seems to worsen, ask your doctor about the possibility of further studies to look at the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

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