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Nipple itching and amber fluid discharge

I am a 63 year old woman. For the last couple of years I have had a clear, amber colored fluid coming from my right breast. The doctors tell me just to do regular self breast exams, to have regular mammograms, and to come into the office right away if there is any change.

However, the thing that no one seems to hear it is that my nipples itch so badly that it is driving me crazy and to the point of crying. I use Reactine, and Lanacane and Gold Bond Powder and anything else that I think might help.

No one talks about this. Am I the only one in the world with this problem? Please help.

If both nipples itch but the discharge is only on the right, you should see a dermatologist to be checked for nipple eczema. They can help better with the treatment.

If the itching is only on the right breast, it may be related to the discharge and there may something in the duct such as a papilloma, adenosis or even an early cancer that just does not show on mammogram.

You need to see a breast surgeon specialist to be checked for Paget's disease of the breast or an intraductal lesion. You may have to have special studies done to look inside the ducts of the nipples. This is especially true if the discharge comes from just one of the ducts in the nipple rather than all of them. The serious (amber) discharge from only one duct is almost always due to something specific in that duct rather than from general fibrocystic changes.

Because of your age, it is imperative that you have an exam and studies to make sure there is not an early cancer of the breast present.

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