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Clear discharge; green discharge

Nine months ago I saw my doctor because I expressed clear fluid from my right nipple during my monthly breast exam. The doctor tried to get a sample for the lab but got it all over his fingers instead so he did blood tests for prolactin and thyroid function, both of which came out negative. I still have this clear discharge and my right breast keeps getting larger. Well, now my left breast has green discharge coming out of one area. What is going on?

A clear discharge is not worrisome and generally happens with fibrocystic disease. A greenish discharge, however, can represent an inflammation of the breast ducts called mammary duct ectasia.

Ectasia is a benign condition but it is still a good idea to see a breast surgeon about it because occasionally some excision of the ducts needs to be done or there are coexistent breast cysts or abscesses that need to be removed. You need to have your doctor refer you to a surgeon in your area who does a lot of breast work.

Expressing fluid from nipples

My last period ended about 3 1/2 weeks ago. A week later I started to have breast pain again, and till now, it's still sore. Is it possible that I am pregnant even though I haven't missed a period? Over all the years, I realize that when I press my milk ducts, there is a white color discharge. Just a few days ago before the pain started, I cleared the white stuff from the breast by pressing them hard. I have been doing this about once a month however to clear the breasts and I haven't had the pain before. Could this have caused the pain?

It is possible that you caused the pain by pressing too hard, etc. "Clearing" the breasts shouldn't be necessary and probably leads to continuing discharge just as nursing after a pregnancy keeps sending a signal to keep producing milk.

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