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Menopause Symptoms

How can you be sure that you are entering this new transition in life and experiencing what is often referred to as the "change?", otherwise known as menopause? Check out our menopause symptoms section so that you can learn everything you need to know about the many affects and symptoms of menopause and discover if you may in fact be experiencing the beginning of menopause. Take our menopause quiz to be sure.  Also consult your doctor about what this means for your health, and for your reproduction--espcially if you are experiencing early menopause. 

Our menopause section is dedicated to helping you understand the changes your body may be experiencing so that you can know if you body is entering menopause.  Also learn more about how to lessen some of these symptoms, and discomforts, of menopause by taking a look at our menopause treatment section.  There are ways to lessen the effects of the many menopause symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings.  Learn more today.  

In addition, find out more about some of health risks that go hand in hand with menopause such as osteoporosis and heart attacks. Learn how to lessen your risk for the menopause conditions by reading today.  And, if you are feeling that menopausal bulge starting to form around your stomach, start reading on how to minmize any weight gain that can happen to women at this time.  

Signs of Menopause

You may have many of the symptoms of menopause but may only be going through perimenopause. Find out more about this early form of menopause. Also, learn about some of the most common conditions like hot flashes, causes of hot flashes, bone loss and osteoporosis, bleeding, sleep disturbances, mood swings.  Leran more about the cessation of your period and find out what to do if you are experiencing any of these signs of menopause.  Recognizing the signs of this change will help you to better cope with the many affects of menopause.

Menopause Education

Also learn more about inducing menopause, menopause basics, why you can still get PMS even if you no longer get your period, and enjoy our article about how men handle menopause. For a full rundown of our menopause section, check out menopause articles.  In addition, check out our section on life after menopause and find out why, although most women dread the start of this stage in their life, most women end up loving this time in their lives.  Discover all the benefits of the menopausal years and start embracing this new stage in your life.  It may just be your best time yet.  

Discover what you need to know about menopause today and find all the answers to your menopause questions!


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