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Pain after c-section (cont'd)

The gyn did suggest scar tissue causing the pain. If so, how long can this go on?

For many years if it is due to scar tissue.

Or could it be beginning stages of endometriosis?

Yes, but that's why I asked about the pain. Endometriosis almost always produces pain DURING the time of the menses, not after it.

When I asked about endometriosis, my gyn said the only way to diagnose it is a surgical procedure, and she wanted to avoid doing that until I had all the children that I wanted to have. WHY??? is it dangerous?

The surgical treatment of endometriosis often involves resection of tissue, sometimes removal of the ovaries and/or uterus. Even if those organs are not removed, the resection of endometriosis can cause scarring that affects your fertility.

But she acted like she didn't really want to do laparoscopy to check. Endometriosis runs in my family, and I am concerned about the pain I am having, but no one else seems to be concerned. Am I overreacting?

Is it that they are not concerned or is it that they cannot easily solve your pain problem?

It seems to me to be lack of concern, but that is just my opinion. My husband thinks my C-section was botched some way, and the gyn, who is also the ob who did the C-section, is trying to cover it up!

Poorly performed surgery (at C-Section) almost always would cause pain or problems from day one after the surgery, not 6 months later. We do live in a skeptical society and I can see how he would think that. Maybe he just wants to deny that you could have a chronic disease.

Please help me in any way that you can. Do I need to see another gyn for a second opinion?

This can often help. Another doctor may suggest a trial with some anti-endometriosis medicines to see if the pain gets better. That would point to endometriosis as a cause.

Another approach may be to consider a diagnostic laparoscopy to see if there is any scarring that can be removed or released to improve the pain. That is usually an outpatient surgery procedure. 

It hurts during sex

I feel pain when having intercourse, I also feel pain, just before and during orgasm, can you please tell me what is causing this. Sometimes it is so sore that I lose the desire to have sex. Sometimes it is also difficult for me to reach orgasm, please let me know if you can help me.

I am 21 years old, and I also suffer from constant bleeding, I've been on the Depo for nearly 5 or 6 years and I still have spotting all the time, the doctors can't help me.

In order to help you, we first need to determine the original cause of the pain. Then, we need to know to what degree you are having an involuntary reaction to fear of having pain each time you have sex.

We want to first make sure the original cause of the pain is treated as best as possible. What pain remains is the body's reaction to the fear of pain which in turn causes vaginal muscle spasms that cause a secondary pain.

This fear of pain may be conscious or subconscious but is also decreases the ability to have orgasm.

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