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The Joslin Diabetes Center, affiliated with Harvard, is considered to be situated front and center when it comes to diabetes research and clinical care. The center's website, Joslin.org has just created a partnership with dLife.com, the foremost online community for those living with diabetes. dLife will be hosting a resource page within its website which will feature research news and clinical information from the Joslin website. As for Joslin, the website will be hosting cooking and food video clips from dLife's television show, dLifeTV, an award-winning program. Joslin will also post links to information contained on dLife.com.

Natural Partnership

Jeffrey Bright, the Director of Communications for the Joslin Center explained why the partnership was only natural, "Joslin.org is centered around educating people with diabetes and their families and providing up-to-date information on diabetes treatment and research. Partnering with dLife.com will enable us to offer visitors to Joslin.org easy access to a wide variety of excellent online diabetes resources."

Both organizations feel that the partnership will offer the best that both have on offer: Joslin's expertise and dLife's accessibility. Users will get good, hard information about diabetes, in a format that is easy for them to access and use. New research results issued by Joslin will now be available through links to the Joslin site as they appear on the dLife website. Also available are video segments that have previously been aired on dLifeTV, information on how to send donations to Joslin's High Hopes Fund, and how one can participate in clinical and research trials at Joslin. dLife will also feature a link to Joslin's store, which offers publications appropriate for both patients and professionals.

Hosted Links

Joslin.org will now host a link to dLife as well as specific links to information as it appears on dLife along with the dLifeTV schedule. Joslin is already hosting a dLifeTV multimedia biography of Joslin's founder, Dr. Elliot P. Joslin. This series has received wide acclaim.

Gregg Zegras, COO for dLife had this to say, "Partnering with Joslin, a leader in diabetes care, education and research allows us to help people who use the dLife site to obtain deeper diabetes insight and knowledge. Together, we look forward to helping more people with diabetes live stronger and healthier lives."

dLife offers a vast number of resources for diabetics and their families, including over 9,000 recipes, 400 video clips, and some 80,000 web pages, all devoted to the topic of diabetes.

Table of Contents
1. Treatment Options
2. Diagnostic Criteria
3. Diabetes Diet
4. All About Insulin
5. Weight Gain & Diabetes
6. Metformin/Glucophage
7. Pancreas Transplant
8. Cancer Treatment Risk
9. Weekly Treatment
10. EndoBarrier
11. Avoid Extreme Treatment
12. Joslin/dLife Partnership
13. Victoza
14. Mapping Mechanisms
15. Diabetes Pills
16. Oral Drugs
17. Oral Medications
18. Grapefruit
19. Kidney Transplants
20. Glycemic Index Diet
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