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Menopause Articles: Mood, Feelings and Phases of Life

Find the answers to all of your menopause questions by checking out our many menopause article.  Here you will find a collection of articles specifically geared towards the most common questions women have about menopause.  

Menopause Article Archive

By Date of Release Topic January 27, 2002

  Progesterone Cream and Menopausal Symptoms May 6, 2001 PMS Symptoms after Menopause? February 11, 2001 Does Estrogen Replacement Therapy Cause High Blood Pressure? January 14, 2001 Sleep Problems, Menopause and Melatonin October 15, 2000 Natural versus Surgically-Induced Menopause August 27, 2000 Onset and Cause of Premenstrual Syndrome April 23, 2000 Evista® (raloxifene), Hot Flashes and Soy November 21, 1999 What is Natural About Natural Hormone Therapy? October 24, 1999 Is the Uterus Necessary After Childbearing is Completed? October 10, 1999 Hot Flashes - Causes Other Than Menopause June 20, 1999 Progesterone - Its Uses and Effects May 23, 1999 Will Testosterone Help Menopausal Symptoms? May 9, 1999 Eating Disorders and Their Medical Symptoms March 21, 1999 Classification of Female Sexual Dysfunction February 7, 1999 Pregnancy Loss Psychological Reactions January 17, 1999 Premenstrual Syndrome vs. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder January 3, 1999 Designer Estrogens - Are They for Me? December 20, 1998 Painful Sex and Vulvar Skin Disease September 6, 1998 Will Androgens Help Menopausal Mood Symptoms? May 24, 1998 How Will Viagra Use by Men Affect Women? March 1, 1998 Mental Health Diagnosis February 1, 1998 Decreased Sexual Desire - Its Many Causes

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