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Other STDs And Information About STDs

Syphilis, Trich, Hepatitis B, Pubic Lice And More...

Find out about many of the lesser known, but not less common STDs like Syphilis, Trich, Hepatitis B, and Pubic Lice and Scabies. Learn about the effects of these different STDs and discover the best ways to protect yourself from contracting one of these infections, like abstaining from sex or using a condom when sexually active. Also, get the most updated information on how to treat these STDs incase you are one of the many who get diagnosed each year with an STD.  Getting regular STD testing is super important and just may save your life, or your fertility.  Did you know that some STDs can take away your ability to have children if left untreated for too long?  And other STDs can rob you of your life if not dealt with.  Although STD testing may be scary, it is more scary to allow an STD to cause havoc in your body.  Get regular STD screening so that you can deal with any infections you may have contracted during sexual contact.  And remember, always use a condom when engaging in any sexual activity in order to best prevent the spread of any STDs.  

Prevention And Protection

Get the facts about the many various STDs so that you can best protect yourself from contracting them. Prevention is key when dealing with STDs so check out our article on STD prevention tips. However, sometimes, even when engaging in safe sex, it is possible to contract an STD. Learn what signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect that you have an STD and get advice about the best treatment options like vaccines for STDS, like the hepatitis A vaccine, and alternative therapy for STDS.  Remember, although some STDs are curable, many others are not.  Find out how best to protect yourself and what to do if you are diagnosed with any STD.  Learn more about the best course of treatment for each type of STD.  

Be Informed

Take our STD quiz to see if you are at risk for contracting an STD and also check out our STD overview. Also get information on teens and STDs, STDs and pregnancy, STDs and infertility, STDs and PID, STDs and men, and STD clinics. Find out more about having a healthy relationship and learn why alcohol can increase your chances for contracting an STD.  The more informed you are about STDs the better you will be able to protect yourself.

Remember, stay safe as STDs can affect people of any age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.  No one is safe--unless they practice safe sex.  Always use a condom when engaging in sexual relations!


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