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Spring is in the air and right after spring comes…SUMMER!  Suddenly it is of utmost importance to do something about that body.

What is it that keeps us from being disciplined from the start?  Why wait until the pressure is on before we decide to get serious about our fitness program?   Procrastination can cause us to not only miss the mark in terms of our personal goals, but it can also make us sick and depressed.  When we look for reasons to avoid taking responsibility for our health and fitness, and then blame others or situations for our failures, we set ourselves up for resentment from them and self-hatred.

What can procrastination do?

When we constantly put off starting that fitness program, or tell ourselves we'll start that diet on Monday - but Monday never seems to come - the platform is set for failure, which is a motivating factor in procrastination.  Indecisiveness and not making a firm plan allows for avoidance of responsibility.  Then, it isn't our fault that we're unfit, unhealthy or feeling depressed.  The blame is shifted and responsibility for failure can't be laid at our feet.

How to change this behavior

A journal goes a long way to helping us stay true to our goals.  Try keeping a journal of "good behavior", writing down the things you've done to uphold your commitment to fitness and healthy living.  Affirm yourself for your successes.

Find a friend to help you stay accountable.  Join a fitness program with a friend.   You'll not only enjoy the benefits of commitment to a program, but you'll enjoy company with someone you like, doing something that's good for you both.

Take responsibility for your success.  When we take responsibility for our health, we empower ourselves to do what is best for us.  We're the winners!

What is gained?

Better mental and physical health.   Being fit contributes largely to the sense of well-being and strength of mind that creates a winning attitude.  You feel better and have more energy. You're less likely to develop heart disease, strokes or cancer.  Your immune system is stronger so you're sick less often.

Better sleep, which leads to a much better outlook on life.  Your state of mind improves, you're happier.  Your relationships are enhanced, you feel and look healthier, you lose fat, gain muscle, shape and tone and to top it off, your sex life can improve!

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