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Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain causes a lot of discomfort and stress for women. But what are its causes? Is pain in the pelvis area a symptom of pregnancy or not? What different types of pelvic pain do women experience and why? Can pelvic discomfort be confused with muscle pain? And what should you do about chronic pain?  Many women with pelvic pain may be suffering from a condition called endometriosis.  Learn more today by reading the articles in our section devoted entirely to pelvic pain--its causes, symptoms and treatments.  

Diagnose Pelvic Pain

For a summary of different types of pelvic pain, including what your Pap smear test results might mean about discomfort in the pelvic area, click on Overview.  This article will let you know the many different reasons you may be experiencing pelvic pain.  You will also learn more about the different types of pelvic pain and how diagnose and treat the type of pelvic pain you may be experiencing.  

Acute pain in the pelvis can be a symptom of pregnancy. However, pelvic pain can also be a sign that your fetus is in distress. Find out if your pelvic pain is a symptom of pregnancy or of a pregnancy complication at Pregnancy.  If you think you may be pregnant, and you are experiencing pelvic pain, you should contact your doctor immediately.  You could have an ectopic pregnancy which is when the embryo attaches itself outside of the uterus.  This condition can be very dangerous for the mother and can cause her death if not dealt with on time.  Do not ignore the signs of pelvic pain and always consult your doctor at the first signs that something might be wrong.  

But pain in the pelvis area is not always a sign of pregnancy or a pregnancy-related complication. Sometimes pain in the pelvic area is really a muscle problem. Find out about how you can distinguish between true pelvic discomfort and a muscle injury in our article on Muscle Pain.  Pelvic pain can also just be a sign of severe menstrual cramps.  Find out more today.   

Pelvic Pain And Menstruation

Pelvic pain can also be associated with your period. This type of pain in the pelvic area can occur during different stages of menstruation. Information on causes of pain in the pelvic area that reoccurs on a monthly basis can be found at Monthly Pain.  Find out more about why your period is so painful every month and about what you can do to lessen this pain.  

Other problems affecting the pelvis include irregular or missed menstruation. For more information on pelvic problems and how they are linked to discomfort during intercourse and irregular menstruation, visit Pelvic Pain and Menstrual Problems.  Learn about how menstruation can cause pelvic pain and about what you an do to minimize this pain.  Periods don't always have to be painful.  Find out more about the treatments for this common form of pelvic pain and start living your life without the annoyance of pelvic pain.  

Learn more about chronic pelvic pain at a government health site.

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Okay well its a long story but you have to know it all to understand where im coming from. About 2yrs ago I was having terrible pain around my pelvic area and started to have very starnge and random bleeding inbetween periods. I was also bleeding after sex quite badly. I went to the doctors and later got referred to the hospital to see a gynea. In the very end they said i had some polyps which they removed by an operation. I also had pelvic inflammatory disease which was treated with a course of antibiotics. They said these problems was due to me having the contraceptive injection(depo) and told me not to have it again and not to have the implant. I havent had either of them since and all the sypmtoms seemed to clear up about 6 weeks after the op. I am now 19 and goign through the same situation again only the pain is a hell of alot worse. I have tried a few different contraceptive pills and i am now currently on cilest and have been for around 8 or 9 months. All the symptoms started again about two months ago when i actually thought i was pregnant. Anyway, I am now struggling with a few different kind of pains each and every day without fail. Sometimes they can be like sharp, shooting pains and others can only be described as someone scratching their nail down the inside of my abdormen. On average I am bleeding for about 5days then stop for a day or two then start again. A new symptom I am having is that my boobs have been very very tender for about 2months now, they can be more tender on some days than they are on others. I also have a very increased appetite, although when i do eat my stomach feels like a football. Im very sorry for the amount of detail but really hope someone can help.
12 years ago
Jaime H
I am a 40 year old woman and have been experiencing some vaginal pain and cramping for around 5 weeks. I went to the Er three weeks ago cause I can't get in to see my gyno for another three weeks. They did a vaginal ultrasound, cultures, and urinalysis. Everything came out clear. I also have been experiencing some back pain, leg pain, buttock pain as well. Numbness and tingling in toes and fingers. Also some vaginal twitching..Weird, I know. If anyone has ever experienced anything like this or knows anything, I would really appreciate a comment. I feel like I'm losing my mind:( Haven't had a pap in almost 3 yrs...
13 years ago