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Hitting the wall is a term used in sports to indicate that an athlete has come to that place where they feel they can't go on, yet, through utter discipline and determination, they proceed.  The wall feels, quite literally like a brick wall that seems impenetrable.  All athletes find themselves there at some point in their competitive careers, and so do many others who may not be competitive athletes, but are training nevertheless.

When working out, or carrying out any other form of discipline for the good of your body, you may find yourself hitting the wall.  What can you do to make it past this barrier?  There are several things which have been very successful for many athletes, and which can easily be implemented into a regular regime in order to help you overcome the hurdle.

Break through that wall

Mix up your workouts.  If you've been doing a steady routine of 15 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of weights and 10 minutes of stretching, change it to a five minute warm-up, 20 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio.  The results might just blow you away!

If you've been a faithful cardio-class attendee, try taking on a weight program or a circuit program.  The change will challenge your muscles and give you a boost on overcoming a plateau.

What about trying some of those new classes that are on the schedule?  You've been faithful to your weight routine for a long time now, how about a switch.  Why not try one of those sculpting classes that allows for strength training as it is coupled with a good cardio workout.  You could conceivably shorten your workout time and still get in the strength training you thrive on.

Then there are those lovely strength workouts that aren't recognized as such. Pilates and Yoga.  These formulas offer intense core stability and strength movement without the bounce or stress of classes and weights.  With a strong core, a body is capable of much more than one would think.

Variety can lead to success

Boredom can be overcome, and the body can be taken to new heights with a little initiative and willingness to step outside the boundaries and into a new venue.  There are so many ways to challenge your muscles, strengthen the cardio-vascular system and feel healthy and strong.  Don't limit yourself to a few things that have been around for a long time - be adventurous and step out into the brave new world of total fitness.

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