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Wondering about your libido? Experiencing pain during sex? Answers to all your concerns about female sexuality can be found right here at our Sexuality section.  Learn more about what increases or decreases your sexual desire, and about what to do if sex has suddenly become uncomfortable or painful rather than enjoyable.  These topics are often hard for women to discuss with their doctors but are questions that must be asked an answered.  Here in our sexuality section we hope to provide you with a safe and comfortable place to explore the answers to some of your sexuality questions and we hope you find what you need to feel comfortable again during sex.  

Sexual Desire

If you’re concerned about your level of sexual desire and the conditions that might be affecting it, check out Sex and Desire. You can also learn about what factors can negatively affect your sexuality and sexual desire at Decreased Sexual Desire: Factors Affecting Female Libido.  It is normal to go through increased and decreased periods of sexual desire.  Find out what causes these ups and downs and what to do if you find that your downward period of sexual desire is refusing to go up again.  Can this be a sign that something more serious is wrong?

Sexuality can bring with it a lot of anxiety for women. Find answers to frequently asked questions about decreased female libido, pain during sex, concerns about not experiencing an orgasms and other sex-related concerns at Frequently Asked Questions about Women's Sexuality and Frequently Asked Questions about Women's Sexuality 2.  Many women have trouble acheiving an orgasm during sex.  Find out why this is and about what you can do to increase your sexual pleasure.  

Pain And Discomfort During Sex

Experiencing pain during sex? Unsure what's causing your sexual discomfort? Learn what’s causing your symptoms at Discomfort During Sex.  You'll be surprised to discover just how common this condition can be.  Also find out more about what you can do to minimize or eliminate this pain during sex so that you can go back to enjoying the sexual act.  

Learn about sexual dysfunctions like arousal disorders and lack of orgasm at Women's Sexual Dysfunctions and find out more about what you can do to increase your sexual pleasure.  Don't miss out on the fun of sex.  Start reading today!

Wondering about how male sexuality can affect your own sexuality? At The Effects of Viagra on Female Sexuality you can find out how male Viagra use affects women's sexuality.  Learn more about this controveral subject and about whether viagra has any affect on the female libido.  

Over-the-counter medications for vaginal lubricants and moisturizers which can heigten your sexual pleasure can be found at Female Sexuality: Non-Prescription Medications and Treatments.  Find out why lubricants can help improve your sexual experience and minimize any pain or discomfort you may have during sex.  Also learn more about the best types of lubricants to enhance your sexual pleasure and about which lubricants to avoid if you are trying to get pregnant.

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This is perhaps neither here nor there, but is a topic of great importance to me. My husband and I enjoy oral sex, but I have been plagued by UTI's in the last year we've been married. Also yeast or bacterial vaginal infections. I have tried brushing and gargling prior to, even wiping his genitals after oral sex, but before penetration. To no avail, I'm afraid. Hopefully, there is someone out there that can advise me.
12 years ago
Can saliva cause urinary tract infection? When ever i had a oral sex the next day i would be suffering with urinary infection which had a burning sensation when urinate.
12 years ago
I had a hysterectomy January 2011. My uterus and cervix were removed but my ovaries and tubes were left in tact. I feel fine but gained weight again, particularly in my stomach area. It is fatter than it has ever been. Is that normal? Also, I am divorced. Because of my own choice, I had not had sex years prior to surgery and also not in the past year since the surgery. Now I am thinking about it but I have concerns. There were initial precautions that were given to me post surgery about having sex. It advised not to do deep pentration at the first time. I am wondering since I have been so long with out it, does that apply to me now? I don't think it would but I want to be sure. I am kind of scared but it long over due. By the way, I know that I can still have orgasms, which is a plus. Please advise. Thanks,
12 years ago