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Am I depressed or just plain tired?

Believe it or not, sometimes it is really difficult to tell the difference.  The symptoms look very similar at times and can easily become confused.  While ultimately, depression requires the diagnosis of a qualified professional, the mental effects of exhaustion upon a person can take as great a toll.  However, before you self-diagnose your situation as depression, perhaps it would be worthwhile to check out a few things and even make a few minor changes in your lifestyle first.  Why not sleep on these suggestions before you make a decision?

Could the answer be in your dreams?

Psychology Today has noted that lack of sleep brings susceptibility to depression and anxiety.  Have you ever noticed how much better life goes when you've gotten enough rest?   As society progresses, workaholism is more and more the norm.  People spend almost as much time working at home as they do at the office, and are sleeping less.  While technology has been a huge boon to the world, it has also produced some serious health challenges.

How about a siesta? In many parts of the world, working people take two hours out during the day for a mid-day meal and a short rest.   While they work a bit later into the evening, their stress levels are considerably lower than the norm in high-tech countries. Try taking regular naps for at least 30 minutes.  Studies indicate that, especially for workers, 30 minute regular naps can reduce the risk of cardiac death by 37 percent.  A rest seems to subdue stress and studies suggest that sleep deprivation impairs the heart's ability to adjust to differing demands.

How's that pain tolerance?  Lack of adequate rest increases the body's vulnerability to pain.  The pain threshold lowers when fragmented sleep occurs, impairing the natural pain-inhibitory mechanisms inherent in humans and allows for spontaneous pain.  What used to be just a bump turns into a major bang, felt all over the body.

Mom was right

Remember when your Mother told you to go for a rest because you were cranky?  You thought she was just being mean, but she was right.  A rest will most times deal with those cranky attitudes, and help us see life from a better viewpoint.  Consider your sleeping habits - they may be the only change you need to make to feel content and happier.

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