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STD Quiz

If you've read our articles on STD's why not see how much you remember?

Try our simple quiz and find out.

Answers below

Answer true or false or a) b) c) d) as appropriate.

Q1 You can have an STD without symptoms. - True or False

Q2 Chlamydia shows symptoms straight away. - True or False

Q3 Using a condom gives complete protection from STD's. - True or False

Q4 Being tested for an STD can be painful and embarrassing. - True or False

Q5 Gonorrhea left untreated can cause infertility. - True or False

Q6 Having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) increases the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. - True or False

Q7 Gardasil is a vaccine that can help prevent a) HPV  b) cervical cancer  c) genital warts  d) all of the above

Q8 STDs can be passed on from mother to child. - True or False

Q9 Hepatitis B affects a) the liver b) the heart c) the lungs d) the stomach

Q10 Put in order the best ways to avoid getting an STD a)being in a mutually monogamous relationship b) both you and your partner getting tested before having sex for the first time c) using a condom and spermicide every time you have sex d) sexual abstinence

How did you do?

10/10 - Excellent, well done. Keep up to date by looking at our website and get your friends to take the test too.

7-9 Good, make it 10/10 by reading up on the STD's you weren't so sure about.

5-7 Room for improvement -learn more from our articles and then take the test again.

5 or less - Well, we all have to start somewhere. Just learn more and you'll soon be an expert.


Q1 True. Both gonorrhea and Chlamydia can be symptom free in women

Q 2 False -symptoms may only begin to show 2-6 weeks after an infection

Q 3 False, Condoms give protection, but you should also use a spermicide. They cannot protect you from all STD's and you need to use them every time you have sex to cut down your risk

Q4 False. Many STD's can be discovered with a simple urine test.

Q 5 True

Q 6 True

Q7 all of the above

Q8 True, untreated STD's can be passed through the placenta, during birth, or through breast milk.

Q9 a) the liver

Q10 - d) b) a) c)

And remember even if you know everything there is to know about STD's but you don't put it into practice, it won't help you. Have safe sex every time.

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