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Age Spots: Treatment and Prevention


Age spots are usually harmless and don't need a medical attention. But if you notice that your age spots are getting darker and bigger, then you may need to seek medical attention to rule out melanoma, a type of skin cancer. Your doctor can easily diagnose your age spots by examining the skin. If your doctor suspects anything he or she will conduct a biopsy to rule out any type of skin disease.


If you're dissatisfied by the way your skin looks because of age spots, you should enhance your skin care products with anti-aging creams, sunscreens, and look into treatments that can permanently lighten the appearance of brown spots or remove age spots altogether.

Although, the brown spots on your skin may not need medical attention, they may still require cosmetic attention if it's affecting your self-esteem and the way you feel about yourself. A couple of age spot treatments to lighten or remove age spots include:

Medications. Prescription bleaching creams used with or without a mild steroid known as retinoids can lessen the appearance of age spots after several months of use. Over-the-counter creams that contain glycolic acid may also help fade age spots, but to a lesser extent. Using sunscreen is strongly recommended when you go in the sun, even during the winter months.

Laser therapy. Laser therapy targets the excess build up of pigment in the skin, without harming the skin's surface. A person may need several sessions to lighten age spots. A few side effects may appear with laser therapy, if not done properly.

Freezing(cryotherapy). This procedure gets rid of the extra pigment by using liquid nitrogen or another freezing agent on the age spots. As the treated area heal, the skin appears lighter.

Dermabrasion. This procedure involves using a rotating brush to remove the skin's surface. A layer of new skin grows in place. Although, dermabrasion is effective at treating age spots, redness and scarring may result.


Whatever type of treatment you choose, make sure to check your dermatologists about the effectiveness and risks associated with the treatment. Remember to take proper skin care steps to prevent age spots from reappearing or worsening. The best way to prevent age spots is by applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and maintaining a healthy diet, and keeping yourself well hydrated.

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