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Women After Menopause

Contrary to the belief of many women, life does not end just because you are menopausal. In fact, many women today see this chapter in their lives as a new beginning and embrace all of the freedom that comes with being a menopausal woman.  Many women love the freedome from pregnany worries, from pms, and from unexpected periods messing up their vacations.  Learn more about the positive aspects of this great change and discover how to embrace this new beginning.

Free At Last

Enjoy not having to deal with your monthly period, tampons and pads. No more mood swings, PMS or cramps. Hurray! You are free at last. Embrace this new stage in your life and enjoy the liberation that comes with menopause. Having a positive attitude can make all the difference. Check out our article on World Menopause Day and find out how women around the world celebrate this time in their lives.  Life is not coming to end--it is just beginning!

However, menopause does bring with it certain health risks and you do want to be responsible and keep yourself healthy.  Find out how to minimize your risk for heart disease, weight gain and bone loss after the start of menopause.  Learn more about the importance of a healthy diet during this stage in your life and about the importance of excerise for staying fit.  These lifestyle changes will not only to keep you feeling young and healthy, they can also help to minimize many of the negative effects, symptoms and discomforts of menopause.  Also read up on the types of vitamins you should be taking during this time and about the different types of menopausal treatments you can take to lessen the effects of menopause and keep you feeling like you.  Menopause does not have to be a negative time in your life.  Find out more about how to embrace the change.  


Maintaining good mind and body health is key to a successful transition into the menopausal years. Find out more. Also learn about why diet and exercise are so important during this time.  Your future health depend on it.  In addition, check out our article on the empty nest syndrome and get some tips on how to deal with your grown children.  Taking on new projects, hobbies, or even a new job will keep both your mind and body busy and active.  Find out why staying active is so important during the menopause years.

Enjoy this time in your life!  Read more today about the many benefits to the menopausal years and start enjoying this new adventure!  These just may be your best years yet! 


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