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Vaginal Infections and Discharge FAQs

Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

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Get answers to the uncomfortable questions about Vaginal Itching

Clear, white vaginal discharge

I am noticing a discharge that is unusual. It is clear or white in color, but it has the consistency of (for lack of a better word) snot. There is a slight odor to it, however I am not experiencing any pain, or itching.

I have no idea what this is, but I would like to clear it up very soon. I am thinking of getting an over-the-counter yeast infection medication because I can't get in to see my doctor for another month. Do you have any ideas as to what this may be, or if the yeast infection medication will help?

This doesn't sound like a yeast infection because you don't describe vulvar itching and burning or a whitish thick discharge usually characteristic of yeast. Therefore I don't think using yeast medication will help.

Itching and dry skin - is it yeast?

I think I have early signs of a yeast infection. I felt itchy and noticed that I had some dry flaky skin. The skin is red but I assume it's a result of scratching. The itching is not severe and it's once in a while but enough for me to notice and check it out.

I actually noticed the itching in the midst of my period. There's no bleeding or broken skin in the area where it has dry skin. I guess I'm a little concerned and was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this. I've had yeast infections before but I don't recall getting dry skin.

Itching is often a sign of a contact allergy. The fact that it is happening during your menses would prompt me to ask if you are wearing any type of pads or liners (as opposed to a tampon). Could you be sensitive to a certain brand?

Yeast usually produces burning rather than itching but not always. Sometimes there are other fungal infections such as tinea species that can produce itching on the "dry" skin. If this persists or worsens it should be checked out.

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hi, Im 22 I recently had a baby $months ago and i just started having sex again my fiancee and i don't use protection and Ive noticed a heavy flow of discharge my pantyliner is always full and i need to bath twice to make sure it doesn't smell Ive changed the soap im using thinking it was the problem but still nothing has changed and its normally white or abit yellow and thick but yesterday white clumps came out Im confused ? am i suffering from an STI or is this one of the symptoms of past pregnancy ? im worried
11 years ago
Hi, i am 20 years old and I\'ve been having discharge for years now. Not exactly sure at what age I\'ve had it, but lately I\'ve been having really heavy thick discharge . It has no odor, its a yellowish color and every now and then i get an itchy feeling. When i try cleaning myself i get a rash burning feeling. I know its not an STD symptom because i lost my virginity this year and i know my only partner doesn\'t have an STD . Can you please help me? Also what are the home remedies?
12 years ago
Hi, I need some help please. I am 24 yrs old,I have had the same partner for 7yrs. I have a white thick clumpy discharge. It was normal all de while untill I had my daughter, after having her I saw the change in discharge about a month or two after giving normal vaginal birth. The discharge is odorless, I get itching inside the vaginal lips, the outside of the lips close to the vaginal opening , its unbearable cause when having sex its good for the first 5 minutes then it burns. Is this an yeast infection? I have had yeast infections before but none of them had the symptoms like this one... i really need some help Please, I'm beginning to worry that it might be something serious. Please get back tome with an answer soon ...Thanks
12 years ago
Please help! Im a 29 yr old female that has never had any type of vaginal infections not even a yeast infection. About 1 month ago I started having a white creamy discharge with no odor all the time (similar to ovulating discharge), after a week or 2 a got excessive and I got burning and itching of vag with it. So I went to store and bought a yeast infection test and monistat 1 day. My PH came back normal on the test indicating that its most likely just a yeast infection so i used the monistate 1 day. The burning and itching went away after 3 days but the discharge kind of changed to a light yellow in color with still no odor. What would cause this? Why would it help with the burning and itching but not the discharge? Why would the discharge turn yellow? Please please please help me cant get into the doctors for a few weeks and its driving me nuts, I need to know whats going on now!
12 years ago
i am 22 yrs old..i am experiencing a thicky and cheesy discharge..what should i do?
12 years ago