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Are Female Condoms For You?

The female condom is one of those inventions that had everyone talking and finally offered women an alternative in birth control. The idea is certainly a good one because it means that a woman gets to be in control of the birth control and unlike other methods available to women, female condoms also protects against STDs. Does this make it the perfect birth control choice for all women though? It really comes down to your preference. Finding out more about female condoms can help you decide if it’s your birth control dream come true or not.

The Good

Female condoms are effective in preventing pregnancy as well as the spread of STDs including HIV/AIDS. They’re easily found in many drugstores as well as online and don’t require a fitting like an IUD or a diaphragm. They can be used even if you or your partner has a sensitivity or allergy to latex and are safe to use with both water and oil based lubricants. And another good point about female condoms is that they don’t mess with your hormones the way oral contraceptives do.

The Bad…And the Ugly

Female condoms are great in the practical sense if you think about their purpose which is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of infections but like all birth control there are some bad points, like the cost. They are three times more expensive than traditional condoms. They are also not always easy to insert. Now that you know the good and the bad, it’s time to talk about the ugly.

As great an invention as the female condoms are, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea because of the fact that they aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye. Yes, at first glance they look like a bigger version of a typical condom, but they don’t quite blend into the woodwork, so to speak. The female condom gets inserted into the vagina but not entirely, leaving a part visible outside of the vagina. For some this is a bit of a downer to say the least. And your partner may not be too keen on making love under these circumstances, though it should be noted that an erection is not a must to keep the female condom in place as with male condoms!

Female condoms, whether for you or not, are still a great idea in the sense that it leaves the responsibility of birth control completely in your hands. You can buy condoms but you can’t always trust that your partner will wear one willingly, so the female condom takes care of that for you—and him.

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