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Because it is so easy to use and effective, the birth control pill is a popular contraceptive choice among many women. However, there are a number of different pill brands out there. Find out about the brands of birth control available so you can figure out just what kind of oral contraceptive you should use. If you are not quite sure how the Pill works, then you will want to read Using the Pill. With all this information, it is not uncommon to have questions about the birth control pill. Our FAQs on the pill has answers to some of the most asked questions. And if you want to be a know it all, then download our Pill ebook.

Birth Control Pill

Despite its popularity, there remains to be a number of birth control side effects you should be aware of. For example, some period irregularities may occur with the use of contraceptive. More Pill Issues answers questions about usage difficulties. And if your wondering how your periods may change once you start using oral contraceptives, then read about what your bleeding expectations should be. Our article on continuous bleeding explains why you may experience prolonged periods while using the Pill or Depo Provera. Of course, another concern many women have when taking contraceptives is about possible weight gain. We discuss why many women may notice a few extra pounds creeping on once they start the Pill. We also tackle the tough subject of cancer.

Aside from preventing pregnancy, the birth control pill can also be useful at easing normal menstrual symptoms, like the cramps. If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, like seizures, then your medications may affect just how efficient the pill is for you. Drug Interactions details which medications should be avoided while The Pill and Pregnancy looks at other factors that can affect a pill's efficacy.

Other Birth Control Options

Of course, the pill is not the only type of birth control available. Learn about your birth control options and the different types of contraception out there. IUD looks at an often forgotten form of contraception, while women wanting a more permanent type of contraceptive may want to check out our article on tubal ligations. Teens considering using Depo Provera will want to read about the side effects depo provera of in teens. And if you are not sure when you are supposed to start or stop your birth control, then you will need to read our piece about timing and contraceptives.

Unfortunately, aside from abstinence, no birth control is 100% effective. If something happens, it may be necessary to take emergency contraception, also know as the morning after pill. Our article on MAP provides a helpful outline on this medication.  Learn more about the morning after pill and about who should take it and when.

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Hello, I wanted to ask your opinion on something. My last pill pack was stopped half way through due to the fact I forgot four days. It's been almost 3-4 weeks and still have not got my period. I have taken plenty of pregnancy test and all were negative. Is it ok to start a new pack? My husband and I were planning on trying in August. What are your thoughts?
9 years ago
Hello I had unprotected sex on the last day of my period (23-1-2014). I managed to take an i pill 5 days later. A week later (2-2-2014) i had my period again but for just 2 days. I took a home pregnancy test on 16-2-2014 and it showed negative. What Do I do next? When do I expect my period, on the 19th of this month or the 2nd of next month? Should I take another pregnancy test to confirm ? Am I pregnant? Please help! Thank you.
10 years ago
My depo ran out the 12 and its the 16th today and we had protected sex but the condom ripped could I be pregnant???? Help!!!!
11 years ago
Plum delicious
Hi! Iv been on the BC pills for like a month started in August, and I usually get my periods towards the end of the month which last for 7 days. So I had unprotected sex like a day before my periods were due and I took the morning after pill the next day to be xtra safe! The following day my periods came. On the last day of my periods I had unprotected sex again! I thought they would end but they are still here. What could it be?? HELP!
12 years ago
I was on the pill for almost 8 months.....was spotting for the past 4 weeks(in some occasions heavy) and decided to stop taking the pill 7 days ago(last tuesday) . I had unprotected sex two days ago ( Sunday and monday)......I took the emergency pill today(2 days after unprotected sex) Could I be pregnant??
12 years ago