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Irregular Periods?
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Tasha_21 - March 27

Hello there!
I'm 21 this year and my last period was on Jan 12 till 17th Jan 2010..
Last month and this month, i've not had my periods yet.. still a virgin though..
my menarche was 16th march 2000.
I'm depress thinking about it.. I wish to have a regular period but seems it's impossible.. I will be getting married in 2 years time and hope to start a family.
7 years ago i have experience a 5 months of period absent. after that it's all regular till today.. Can someone help me?
I'm 1.6m, 65kg and trying to lose weight.
previously (2months ago) my weight was 62kg.
Could it be i'm overweight that cause this?
And can environments too be the caused of it?
pollutions and smokes here and there..
Never smoked before nor drink.
Stress? oh yes.. with studies and exams...

My sister is overweight but her period is fantastic.. never had a missed periods before.. jealous! lol. Sincere help here..


Tasha_21 - March 28

lol! It's ok.. I've finally had ma period today.. hahaha! oh lord.. What surprise... =D


Thilagar - March 29



alsmullins - May 3

hi, i am 26 years old and i am having problems with my period. when i was 19 i got the depo shot. after that wore off i was on bc for a month and i didnt like it so i stopped taking it. for the next year it was highly irregular. at first i didnt have a period for three months and after that i was having it every other week for 7 days and i was like a normal heavy period. after about a year and a half i started becoming normal.
fast forward to this past year.... i dont know if it is because of my stress level (i am in cosmotology school and it can be very stressful at times)but it has been very weird. it started with late periods then i was spotting the gross brown stuff for more then a normal time frame and now the past two or three months i will spot heavily for one day for about an hour. usually at night or early in the morning while i am sleeping. i have been trying to research it and i am getting things like endometriosis and pcos. it is kind of scary because i am wanting start trying to conceive. i know i need to see a dr but i dont really have money and i also just need to know that maybe someone else out there is going through this too..... any advice??



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