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Get The Most Out of Condoms

Few people associate the words 'fun' and 'condoms', but that’s about to change thanks to the information you’ll receive here. Condoms are pretty much a necessity in today’s world, but luckily they have come a long way from the joy-kills they used to be! The advances made in the world of condoms have made it so men and women are getting maximum pleasure as well as protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. And if you add to that a few crafty ways to make the most out of condoms, then you’re in for a treat!

Condom Choices

It’s no longer a matter of just choosing a brand and hoping for the best. These days your options include not only various brands but also styles, textures and even flavors! There are condoms that offer different sensations like warming and tingling as well as those that are strategically ribbed to offer a woman enhanced pleasure where it matters most. You can also choose from condoms made of latex, sheepskin, polyisoprene and more. And for those who are looking to have safer oral sex there are all kinds of flavored condoms available to make safe oral sex far more pleasant.

Condoms are also getting thinner and thinner and the race is on with condom makers to create the most sensitive experience possible.  This means that men are no longer complaining that condoms take away from their experience. As well, condoms are more affordable and more readily available than ever before. You can purchase condoms in most stores, online and even in most public washrooms via a dispenser. Also, health clinics offer free condoms to promote safe sex which means there is no excuse for not being safe.

Condom Shopping Tips

To help you navigate your way through all the selection available, here are a few tips to help you choose the right condoms for you and your partner;

•    Stick to non-latex condoms if either you or your partner is allergic or sensitive to latex.

•    Cutting a flavored condom down the centre works as a barrier during oral sex on a female and is a cheaper alternative to dental dams normally offered for this purpose.

•    Experiment! With all of the options available you can really add some fun to your sex life while being safe by trying out the different styles of condoms and seeing which you enjoy best.

•    Stock up so that you always have condoms handy since you never know when the mood will strike.

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