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Vaginal scarring due to sexual assault needs vaginoplasty

I am worried, hope you can help. About 4 years ago I was violently assaulted sexually. I developed PID after the assault, and over the past four years, scar tissue has been "growing" in my vaginal canal. It is to the point now, that my menstrual flow can barely get through and usually backs up for days at a time.

The blood that comes through slowly is usually dark brown and smells awful. My doctor put me on birth control pills to lessen the amount of bleeding but this month it is awful, and I am wondering how long scar tissue continues to develop, and if it is possible for menstrual blood to back up for so long that it becomes dangerous.

I was home from work for three days this week lying in the fetal position in tears trying to get some relief from the pain. My doctor put me on Toradol®, but that didn't touch the pain. Besides the cramping pain in my pelvis, my whole abdomen seems to hurt now, especially when I stand up to walk. The pain is also worse after I empty my bladder.

I am trying not to eat or drink anything because of the pain after urination. The pain is also worse when my bowels are full. Sorry for the graphic description, but I am hoping you can give me some advice.

It's difficult to know exactly what kind of scar tissue is there and whether it is just vaginal or also involving the cervix which I suspect it is. The overall symptoms sound as if there is certainly blockage to outflow of the menstrual tract.

The net result is retrograde flow or backup of menstrual tissue into the pelvic cavity. This produces endometriosis. We see this with congenital obstruction by birth defects and post surgically sometimes after operations or procedures that occasionally cause scarring of the cervix.

Scar tissue can progress slowly over time and it can get worse. I don't know of anything that slows down the process. At a young age, all that can be done is to decrease the flow as your doctor has done and surgically dilate the birth canal periodically.

Dilatations for cervical stenosis only last for about 3-12 months.

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