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Experiencing pain in the pelvis? Having abnormal cramps? Find out more about abdominal pain and whether you have endometriosis. Learn about symptoms related to endometriosis, causes of this condition and treatment of endometriosis.  Endometriosis can cause pain, heavy period bleeding and is often a cause of infertility.  Learn more about this condition and about what it means for you if you are diagnosed with endometriosis.  

About Endometriosis

Wondering what endometriosis is? Want to know what causes endometriosis? For an in-depth profile on endometriosis visit our article on Endometriosis Disease Profile. Get the information you need to understand the causes and symptoms of endometrosis and about what it means to have this pelvic condition.  Will you still be able to get pregnant?  How can you minimize the pain and bleeding each month?  Find the answers to your many endometriosis questions right here in our section dedicated to endometriosis and pelvic pain.


Another common and similar condition is adenomyosis.  Adenomyosis can cause a lot of abdominal discomfort, just like endometriosis. Find an informative summary about the causes and symptoms on this condition at Adenomyosis. For answers to frequently asked questions about the condition, visit Adenomyosis Frequently Asked Questions and find the answers you need to know.  Make sense of adenomyosis today.

Treatments For Endometriosis

If you’re considering whether a hysterectomy is the right option for you as a cure for endometriosis, visit the following link for information on treatment options and side effects: Hysterectomy. However, if you still want to have children of your own then this will not be the right treatment option for you.  Find out more information on other treatment options for endometriosis like robotic surgery for endometriosis.  This may be the right cure for you.  Food and diet can also affect your condition.  Learn more today about how what you eat can affect your endometriosis.  Also check out our article on fertility help for endometriosis.  It's not impossible for women with this condition to have children but you will probably need some help from a fertility specialist along the way.  

Diagnosing Endometriosis

Endometriosis is diagnosed via surgery. At Endometriosis and Ultrasound Diagnosis, you can learn about the different surgical procedures used to diagnose endometriosis. Find out how these surgical procedures are performed and about what kind of discomfort you may experience during the procedure.  Also learn more about the risks of endometriosis and cancer.  Is there a link?

Wondering if abdominal pain means you have endometriosis? Is pelvic pain always a sign of the condition? Learn about the relationship between pain and endometriosis at Pelvic and Abdominal Pain and Endometriosis.  Get all of the facts you need about different types of pelvic pain and about endometriosis.


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